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    A single cat named Adam is said to  be the first American Wirehair.  He was the only survivor in a litter born with a mutation that created a wiry coat.  He was discovered on a farm in upstate New York in 1966 and mated with many  other cats continuing the line. The tips of the Wirehair are hooked, creating a unique texture.  Colors for this breed are the same as Shorthairs.  Solids are the most common.

    The Amerian  Wirehair was first accepted for CFA registration in 1967 and for championship compitition in 1978. 

    Type and characteristics


    Medium to large. Back level,  shoulders and hips same width, torso well-rounded and in proportion. Males larger than females. Legs should be medium in length and bone, well-muscled and proportionate to body.  The paws should be firm, full and rounded, with heavy pads. Toes, five in front and four behind. The tail should be in proportion to the body, tapering from the well-rounded rump to a rounded tip, neither blunt nor pointed.


    The head should be in proportion to the body with underlying bone structure. Round with prominent cheek bones and a well-developed muzzle and chin. The nose should show a gentle concave  curve. The muzzle should be well-developed.


    Ear should be medium, slightly rounded at tips.


    The eyes should be large, round, bright, and clear. and set well apart.


    The coat is the characteristic that separates the American Wirehair from all other breeds. The coat, which is not only springy, dense, and resilient, but also coarse and hard to the touch,  distinguishes the American Wirehair from all other breeds. Characteristic is activity, agility, and keen interest in its surroundings. As this is a dominant mutation, approximately half of the kittens will  be wirehaired at birth.  To produce the best wiring, both parents should have a hard coat.  

    American Wirehair Breeders and other related Links

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