Country information - Commonwealth of AUSTRALIA

    Area - 7,682,300 sq km / 2,966,136 sq ml
    Capital - Canberra
    Language - English
    Currency - Australian Dollar
    Population - 19,731,984
    Territories - Norfolk, Christmas, Cocos, Heard and McDonald islands, and the Australian Antartic Territory

    Associations, Clubs, Rings

    FIFe National Breed Clubs -

    Australian Cat Federation Inc. -  Australia wide recommendatory body promoting cat welfare, responsible breeding, and showing.
    We promote the welfare of all cats, the responsible breeding and showing  of the recognized breeds of cats, and the showing of de-sexed domestic cats.
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    Cat Fanciers Club of Queensland. [A CFCCQ Club] - Friendly informative  meetings held Bi-monthly in Brisbane Queensland Australia. All Breeds Championship Show held annually

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    Council of Federated Cat Clubs of Queensland Inc- a not for profit  organization that provides registration and associated services for pedigreed and domestic cats. Also can provide a list of registered breeders in Queensland, Australia.
    President:  Shelagh Jamieson-Bates
    PO Box 326,
    Albion Qld 4010
    Phone: (07) 3341 0111
    International: +61 7 3341 01111
    Send e-mail to:
    Web site:

    Registrar: Marisa Thistlewaite
    257 Redland Bay Rd,
    Capalaba, Qld 4157
    Phone: (07) 3824 8199
    International: +61 7 3824 8199
    Send e-mail to:

    Secretary: Marie Mahoney
    497 Oakey Flay Rd,
    Morayfield Q 4506
    Phone: 07 5498 6078
    International: +61 7 5498 6078
    Fax: 07 5497 9385
    Send e-mail to:

    Treasurer & Junior Vice President: Carol Rand
    Unit 7, 26 Kolberg Street,
    Zillmere Qld 4037
    Phone: 07 3265 7737
    International: +61 7 3265 7737
    Send e-mail to:

    Senior Vice President: Isobel Johnstone
    158 Highland Tce,
    St Lucia Qld 4067
    Phone:(07) 3870 8833
    International: +61 7 3870 8833

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    Federated Longhair Breeders Association (FLBA) - The F.L.B.A. Cat Club of Queensland, affiliated with The Council of Federated Cat Clubs of Queensland Inc. is  dedicated to the care, and health of all longhair breeds of cat. Meetings are held bi-monthly. Members are friendly, open minded and willing to share any information to  promote the breeding and showing of longhaired cats. The club holds shows regularly and often donates part of the profits to charity.
    Happy Cat Care, Breeding and Showing to fellow cat lovers.
    For further information, advice and kitten sales contact FLBA by phoning

    President: Jan Thorburn 07 3281 9021
    Treasurer: Carol Rand 07 3265 7737
    Secretary: Marion Quilty 0414 676 732
    Web site:

    Cat Association of The Northern Territory Inc.
    CANT is the Northern Territory affiliate for ACF Inc.

    Cat Association of Tasmania Inc.
    CAT is the Tasmanian affiliate for ACF Inc.

    The Cat Authority of Victoria Inc.
    CAV Inc. is ACFs Victorian affiliate.

    Feline Control Council of Western Australia Inc.
    FCCWA is the Western Australian affiliate for ACF Inc.

    Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of South Australia Inc.
    GCCF SA is the South Australian affiliate of the ACF Inc.

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    Queensland Feline Association Inc.
    QFA is the Queensland affiliate of ACF Inc.

    Waratah State Cat Alliance Inc.
    Waratah is the New South Wales affiliate for the ACF Inc.

    NSW CFA (previously RASCC) — Major NSW (and largest Australian) cat registering  body. Site has many general useful sections as well as reasonably up-to-date NSW show results and Annual Awards standings —
    FCC — Major Victorian cat registering body

    The Royal Sacred Siamese Cat Club Inc.
    6 Cabal Court
    Mulgrave 3170
    E-Mail address:-

    Cats of Australia- breed descriptions with photos, breeder's listings, vet care, perfect cat, cat names, naughty cat and much more.

    Cats R Us - aimed at finding homes for homeless cats/kittens. If you want to add a pic of your pet.

    National Birman Cat Fanciers
    A great site of interest of interest to Birman lovers everywhere. However, if you own another breed, it is well worth a visit.

    Burmese Cat Club of South Australia..

    Australian Ragdoll Breeders & Fanciers Club
    Phone: 61 8 94555656

    Australian Korats - Breeders Listing -

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