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    Made in Australia

    Formerly Spotted Mist - is the only True Blue Aussie bred cat. It began its development in 1977, when Dr. Truda Straede, responsible for developing the breed, set out to produce a spotted cat with a stable temperament. Burmese, Abyssinian and Domestic lines were used

    Developed exclusively in Sydney, Australia from Burmese, Abyssinian, and Domestic shorthair cats. Formerly known as Spotted Mists, the name Australian Mist was officially accepted in 1998

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    Type and characteristics

    Well balanced, with moderately "foreign" type - no characteristic should be extreme in any way. The males may be slightly larger than females, developing fully by two years of age


    Shorthair. Soft like a Burmese, pattern made up of darker spots on lighter mist creamy ground.

    Markings are delicate, though distinct from the paler, misted background. Rufo’s tonings are evident, but full color is not obtained until 2 years of age. Texture is short, glossy, dense and resiliant. Body markings should be of symmetrical spots of any size or shape over the sides, flanks and body


    Brown, blue, chocolate, cinnamon, lilac, and fawn


    Of generous proportions and in comparison broad, it is carried on a well defined neck


    Large and upper eye lid straight, low curved and wide apart, slanting towards the nose. Shades of greens  from chartreuse to aquamarine blue.


    Large, wide at base with rounded tips. Set low on the head and tilted slightly forward.


    Long and thick


    Australian Mists have a fantastic temperament. They are affectionate and gentle, love human companionship (even that of strangers) and are trustworthy around children. Recommended for most everyone-Families, Singles and the Elderly

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    The ideal food for an Australian Mist cat is fatty minced beef, tinned fish, and dry biscuits. On occasion add raw egg yoke, grated cheese or plain yogurt to give a complete diet, and raw steak or liver to chew. Both cats and kittens should have plenty of exercises in chewing.

    It's useful to add a teaspoon of Canola oil to lean meat or fish to supply fat. Minerals are best provided by special supplements for cats, human vitamins are not suitable and may unbalance the cat's vitamin and mineral intake. Don't give the cat meat with small bones, cow's milk, and much cheese - it can lead to diarrhea, especially in small kittens.

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