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    Balinese are a long-haired variety of a Siamese cat. This long-haired variety was first seen in a litter of kittens in the US. People were so fascinated by the glamorous look of these cats and it was decided to breed two longhaired Siamese cats to see if they bred true. They did and all of the kittens had long coats. These long-haired Siamese cats became real popular. In 1963, this variety was given the official recognition in the US. In Europe not until 1980's.

     Type and characteristics

    Long-haired version of Siamese, typifying the breed with its silky coat, blue eyes and  plumed tail. Type should conform with the standards laid down for Siamese. Accepted in all colors and patterns as for the Siamese variety. The Balinese should display their colored points only on the mask areas of the face, the ears, legs and tail.


    The ideal Balinese cat is a medium size,  graceful slender cat with long tapering lines,fine bones and firm muscles, very lithe but strong and muscular and should be in great physical condition.  Hips should not be wider than the shoulders. The male  cat may be somewhat larger than the female cat.  Their neck should be long. The leg bone structure should be long and slim and the hind legs some what higher than front  but in good proportion to body. The paws should be dainty, small, and oval. Toes: five in front and four behind. The tailbone structure should be long, tapering to a fine  point. Tail hair should spread like a plume.


    The coat should be medium in length, fine and silky. Hair is the longest on the tail.


    The head should be long medium in size and in good proportion to the body. The total wedge starts at the nose and flares out in straight lines to the tips of the ears forming  a triangle, with no break at the whiskers. No less than the width of an eye between the eyes. When the whiskers and face hair are smoothed back, the underlying bone structure is apparent. The nose should be long and straight. The muzzle is fine and wedge-shaped.


    Ears are large, pointed and wide at base.


     The eyes should be almond shaped and medium in size. 


    Temperament and character are slightly modified from the Siamese. The tend to be quieter and less boisterous.

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