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    This cat has always been popular because of its markings and the reminder of a wild cat. It looks like a little leopard with the temperament of a domestic cat. To breed these cats started in the 1960's when a domestic shorthaired cat and an Asian leopard cat was mated. A breeding plan was not developed until the 1980's. This was the beginning of the breed that we call Bengal today. An American geneticist was especially interested in this cross mating because the Asian leopard cats did not seem to have feline leukemia genome in their DNA structure and were immune towards the virus.

    The Bengal is real popular because of this. The breed was granted Championship status in the beginning of 1991 by TICA  in the US. They have been imported to Europe and a new breeding plan was set up.

    Type and characteristics

    The general look should be that of a large cat with a coat pattern of a wild leopard.


    The body should be sleek and very muscular, with the hint quarters slightly taller than the front.


    The head looks like a modified, broad long wedge with distinctive wiskers pads.


    The ears are short, medium-set and with a broad base with round tips at the end.


    The coat should be spotted and show a distinct contrast between the spots and background color. The fur feels like a wildcat's and has an unusual texture.


    Even it is a large breed it is a friendly cat, curious and intelligent, a little fright for other fellow cats and animals in general. (claimed by one of the members of Cats United)

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    Bengal Breeder and other related Links

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