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    The Bombay was developed by Nikki Horner, a breeder in Louisville, Kentucky. She set out to create a "miniature black panther" by crossing sable Burmese with a solid black American Shorthair.  Her first attempts in the late 1950's were disappointing. A few years later, working with different breeding stock, she began to get the results that she was looking for: a cat with good muscular development and a very short, close-lying black coat. Recognition and acceptance of the new breed by the registering associations took 18 years; the Bombay was accepted for championship in CFA in 1976.

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    In the USA the Bombay Cat refers to a black Burmese that has resulted from a hybrid that was deliberately bred between a sable-brown Burmese and a black American Shorthair to  resemble a wild panther.  The name Bombay was taken from the city of Bombay in India to honor the native wild cousin.  It is slowly being accepted internationally.

    Type and characteristics


    Medium rounded. The head should have a good width between the ears, the nose is black. Moderate to visible stop in profile.


    Medium sized and set apart on a rounded skull, broad at the base  with slightly rounded tips


    The eyes should be set wide apart. Golden to deep copper in color.

    Body and Legs

    Body is elegant, medium type cats, well muscular  appearance.  Paws pads are black. Legs in proportion to body. Five toes in front, four in back.


    Straight elegant tail, medium length, medium thickness.


    Coat is black,. it always displays a thick, shiny, solid coat; no other colors or patterns are permitted. The eyes shine in a coppery or  golden shade.


    Outgoing, friendly sociable cat. Leash  friendly, likes to fetch and guard. Hardy and less vocal than the Burmese.

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