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    The history of this breed goes back to Roman  times when the troops that invade Britain brought short haired cats along, which were kept for their mousing abilities, providing a useful service. The oldest recorded type was a tabby. Attractively marked with darker  stripes or spots, reflecting the coat pattern of its wild ancestors.


    British Shorthairs can become some of the largest domestic cats. They are called  "Gentle Giants" because of their quiet, gentle and shy nature. These cats are affectionate and loving and don't demand the attention

    Type and characteristics

    British Shorthairs should be strong, large, sturdy and muscular. Males are larger than females. If neutered these cats have a tendency to become obese. Chest  should be deep and broad. Overall look is chunky, cobby and without facial expressions.

    Body, legs and feet

    Body should be cobby, compact and powerful. Legs should be short and strong.  Paws rounded.


    Head should be broad with full cheeks, wide and rounded. In males should show a definite jowls. In profile the nose should show a "stop", a level bite.


    Eyes are large round and set apart. Three different eye colors are acceptable: orange, blue and odd eyed.


    Ears should be small, rounded and set wide apart.


    Should be thicker at the base than the tip and of medium length


    Coat should be short, dense, crisp but without appearing wooly.


    Gentle, affectionate, good with children and other animals. Little grooming required. Healthy and sturdy.

    For color pattern contact your local club

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