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    The Hottest New Cat Products
    By Jennifer Viegas

    In just a few weeks, pet product manufacturers from around the world will be descending upon Orlando for the 2011 Global Pet Expo. Presented by the American Pet Products Association and the Pet Industry Distributors Association, Global Pet Expo is the pet industry’s largest annual trade show, showcasing new items to help improve cats’ lives.

    The Cat Show Game is a one of a kind online cat showing game that gives you a chance to own a cattery of Show Cats - Choose from 50 different breeds.  Watch and manage them as they grow from kitten to breed champions!

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    flowericongrey PETHOVEN - Music for People and Pets:

    Beethoven is for people. Pethoven is for pets and people.

    Pethoven is music designed for pets! Beautiful music arranged by world famous composer Joe Procopio (ASCAP - listed in the Londeix) that is  written and recorded with special high frequencies for pets of all kinds.

    All melodies are recorded twice. Once at a normal level for the ordinary  listener and a second time at a very high level on top of the first for pets. Great care is taken not to harm any pet, and none of the frequencies are out of normal human hearing range.

    Pets are more apt to listen to Pethoven because of its higher frequencies. Now pet owners can share quality time with their pets in a brand new way!

    flowericongrey Odorfix Plus Fragrance Free

    The most effective products available are enzyme-based products... enzymes chemically break down the urine rather than temporarily masking the smell.-- University of Minnesota

    Odorfix Plus 32 oz 10X concentrate makes 10 quarts of urine odor neutralizer for only $49.95 with
    Free Shipping

    That equates to only $5 a quart versus $19.95 per quart plus shipping at all other online retailers.

    Save $7 with Free Shipping on Odorfix Plus! 32 oz size.

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       Sarah Theophilus - Pets in Pastel

      Welcome to Pets in Pastel
      Lifelike Pet Portraits from Your Photos

      The animal companions with whom we share our lives can mean the world to us. An original fine art portrait is a wonderful way to celebrate a cherished pet or remember those we have lost, and pet portraits can make special gifts for friends and family to treasure always.

      I have been painting all my life, and the joy my pet portraits have brought to pet owners around the world is a never ending source of inspiration. I would love the opportunity to work with you in bringing your beloved pet to life in a portrait of oil pastel.

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