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    flowericongrey Australian Cat Federation - ACF -  The Australian Cat Federation Inc., formed in 1972 is an Australia wide, recommendatory body with affiliates in all States and Territories.

    We promote the welfare of all cats, the responsible breeding and showing of the recognized breeds of cats, and the showing of de-sexed domestic cats.

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    flowericongrey The Co-ordinating Cat Council of Australia Inc. - The CCC of A has affiliates in all states of Australia.

    New South Wales Cat Fanciers Association
    Australian Capital Territory
    Western Australia
    South Australia

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    flowericongrey Canadian Cat Association - CCFAC - Canada's Cat Registry
    Canada's Only Purebred Feline Registry

    In 1960, a small group of Canadians gathered to explore the possibility of forming a Canadian registry for purebred felines. Before this event, all registrations had to be filed in the United States or Europe and all cat shows held in Canada were held under the rules of American associations.

    The intent of the founding members is expressed in the Letters Patent of the Association: To promote the welfare of all the cats in Canada, to further the improvement of all breeds of cats in Canada and to maintain a registry of purebred cats.

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    flowericongrey Cat Fanciers' Association - The World’s Largest Registry of Pedigreed Cats
    The Cat Fanciers' Association is a non-profit organization founded in 1906. The first cat shows licensed by CFA were held during 1906 - one in Buffalo and one in Detroit. The first Annual Meeting was held in 1907 at Madison Square Garden. In 1909, CFA published the first Stud Book and Register in the Cat Journal magazine. Also in 1909, Volume I of the Stud Book was published in book form. On September 18, 1919, articles of incorporation were drawn up under the laws of the State of New York. CFA then entered a new and successful era, and the Association has grown steadily over the years. Total receipts have grown from $155.25 in 1907 to over $2,300,000 during fiscal year 2002-2003.

    CFA recognizes 39 pedigreed breeds for showing in the Championship Class, 1 breed in the Provisional Class, and 1 breed as Miscellaneous (effective with the 2006-2007 show season

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    flowericongrey Fédération Internationale Féline - a leading international cat fancier society - (or FIFe) is a federation of cat registries. There are currently thirty-nine member organizations in thirty-seven countries. Membership spans Europe, South America, and Asia.

    Founded by Madame Marguerite Ravel, the federation was unofficially started in 1949 in Paris, France. At their first General Assembly in Gent, Belgium, the federation was officially founded. The original name was Fédération Internationale Féline d'Europe or FIFE.

    In 1972 the Brazilian Cat Club joined, making it necessary to change the Euro-centric name of the federation. The "d'Europe" was dropped, and the abbreviation was changed to FIFe.

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    FIFe Member Countries

    flowericongrey The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF), established 1910, is the organization that registers pedigree cats in the United Kingdom. It was established as an independent body in, formed from the three or four cat clubs who were registering cats at that time.

    It now has 144 affiliated cat clubs, licences approximately 135 cat shows and registers an average of 30,000 pedigree cats per year.

    The GCCF is run from its office in Bridgwater by a staff of 12 who are kept busy dealing with registrations, publications, show processing & title claims, agendas & minutes and the mountain of correspondence from breeders, exhibitors, Clubs, Breed Advisory Committees and the general public. They also deal with complaints and breaches of rules, which can sometimes result in disciplinary action and even suspension from Cat Fancy activities.

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    flowericongrey The International Cat Association, more commonly known as TICA, is the world's largest genetic cat registry in North America. The organization has an extensive genetic registry for purebred and household pet cats and is one of the world's largest sanctioning bodies for cat shows.

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    flowericongrey SVERAK - Sveriges Kattklubbars Riksförbund - (Medlem i FIFe)

    Sveriges Kattklubbars Riksförbund, SVERAK, är glad att få kontakt med just Dig och hoppas att denna kontakt skall leda till ett mångårigt kamratskap i arbete för katten genom någon av medlemsklubbarna.

    Som enskild person blir du medlem i en lokal SVERAK-ansluten kattklubb (det är alltså klubben som är ansluten till SVERAK). Du får då möjlighet att umgås med andra som har katter, oavsett ras, som sitt stora intresse och samtidigt kan du få hjälp och råd i kattfrågor av din kattklubb.

    Om du vill ställa ut din katt eller föda upp och registrera raskatter måste du vara medlem i en kattklubb.

    Kattförbundet SVERAK
    Åsbogatan 33
    504 56 Borås
    tel 033-10 15 65
    fax 033-10 08 99

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    flowericongrey World Cat Federation

    World Cat Federation e.V.

    The WCF was founded on 1988 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by three clubs which were seeking for more democratic and human procedures in the cat fancy, more than other existing federations ever had. Right now the WCF consists of more than 540 clubs throughout the world covering all continents including the Untited States.

    The WCF is registered in Germany as "eingetragener Verein" and - when European community is ready - in Brussel as an European federation, too.

    The WCF takes part at consultations, arranged by the European parlament in Strasbourg, and is responsible for animal welfare and legislation in some working parties and hearing. A WCF member, wether it is a club or a federation, is independent in his business.

    D-45139 Essen

    Tel.: +49 201 / 555724
    Fax: +49 201 / 554090

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    New Zeeland Cat Fancy (NZCF)

    The NZCF is the primary cat registry and governing body for cat clubs and their members in New Zealand who are interested in the breeding, welfare, and showing of pedigree and domestic cats. Representing many members and 37 affiliate member clubs, encompassing both specialist and all breeds clubs, and who are spread throughout New Zealand, the NZCF has as it's objects:

    "Generally to promote, foster, encourage, improve and assist in every way the breeding of cats registered with the Fancy in New Zealand"

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    flowericongrey The Southern African Cat Council (SACC)

    The organized SA cat fancy originated in 1945 with the formation of the Governing Council of the Associated Cat Clubs. In October 1996 the council was restructured into its current form and renamed to the Southern Africa Cat Council (SACC). SACC is an affiliation of 9 cat clubs, 14 cat breed groups and 4 cat judges panels.

    P.O. Box 28732
    Kensington 2101
    Physical address:
    5 Stanmore Road
    Kensington 2094

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    Cat Registering

    flowericongrey The Traditional Cat Association (TCA) - Welcome! The Traditional Cat Association, Inc. and its Registry is open to all persons. You do not have to be a member of TCA, Inc. to use our Registry. It has been in existence since 1991, and has grown to represent some of the best Traditional cats alive today.

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