National Animal Welfare Organizations and Societies

    flowericongrey American Humane Association, Animal Protection Division, 63 Inverness Dr. E., Englewood, CO 80112. Committed to the prevention of animal cruelty.

    flowericongrey The Delta Society Pet Partners Program, Maureen Frederickson, P.O. Box 1080, Renton, WA 98057-9906 An educational organization that works toward improving relations between people and animals.

    flowericongrey Friends of Animals Inc., D Forthman, 777 Post Rd., Ste. 205, Darien, CT 06820. Protects all wild and domestic animals. Subsidizes spaying and neutering.

    flowericongrey The Humane Society of the United States, Paul G.  Irwin, 2100 L St. N.W., Washington, DC 20037. Educates and lobbies for animal rights

    flowericongrey National Humane Education Society, Elisabeth Guillet Vlk, 15-B Catoctin Cir. S.E., #207, Leesburg, VA 22075. Raises funds to  help animals in need of special care and maintains a protection shelter for lost or abandoned animals.

    If you want to list your Organization
    send email to:

    Did you know that 7 million adoptable dogs & cats are killed each year due mainly to overpopulation?

    Animal Shelters
    Breed Rescue Network
    Other Rescue Groups
    Lost and Found Resources

    Before You Adopt - Choose the right shelter or rescue group

    The pet adoption experience at different types of shelters can be vastly different, so take the time to visit the home page of your local groups to see which you might enjoy working with most.

    Open access shelters

    take in all stray animals and are usually county or city shelters

    Humane societies

    are private facilities. Some are open access and others are limited.

    Foster groups

    are usually volunteer foster parents who don't have a physical location.

    How to choose a cat?

    A Cat is waiting (Adopting the right cat for you)
    Find out more:

    flowericongrey Animal Shelters

    The organizations below have all either met the requirements of the SEP (American  Humane Association's Standards of Excellence Programs) or have declared a non-euthanizing program. Those shelters which are marked with a "*NK" are no-kill shelters as of this writing, though it is advisable  that you call and contact them directly to make sure that this still their policy. An "^" after the name of the shelter suggests that "cents-off" coupons for pet foods and supplies are valued here.



    flowericongrey Animal Rescue Missions, 773 Warden Ave., Scarborough, Ontario M1L 4C2
    flowericongrey British Columbia SPCA, 1205 E. Seventh Ave., Vancouver, British Columbia V5T 1R1
    flowericongrey Friends for Felines, P.O. Box 46, Sussex, New Brunswick EOE 1PO

  • flowericongrey Jazzpurr Cat Care Society (Windsor Ontario Canada)

    Dedicated to:
    operating a no-kill shelter for homeless cats and kittens for the Windsor/Essex County area and to  vigorously promote responsible pet guardianship  by individuals and the community in order to reduce the number of needy cats to the eventual point of eliminating the need for any shelter.
  • Find Out More:
  • flowericongrey Society for Animal Aid (Burlington) Inc. - Ontario, Canada- non-profit organization dedicated to saving stray and abandoned cats and dogs in the  area.
    Find out More:

  • flowericongrey Hearts United for Animals- shelter  placing dogs and cats for adoption throughout the U.S. and Canada.
    Find Out More:

    Victoria Cat Rescue Corps
    Address:P.O. Box 5797 Station B
    Postal Code:V8R 6S6
    Phone Number:382-4179

  • Services Provided: advocates against the suffering of cats and other animals, provides the names of veterinarians and will arrange appointments for  the spaying and neutering of cats at a reduced rate.
    Cost: none
    Organization Type:non-profit organization
    Find out More:
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  • flowericongrey Toronto Cat Rescue
    P.O. Box 41039, Toronto, Ontario M6B 4J6

    Welcome  to the Toronto Cat Rescue home page. Toronto Cat Rescue works with Project Jessie to find homes for cats rescued by that group. Toronto Cat Rescue was founded and is run by Cindy Greenblat. Since the fall of 1994, Cindy  has done a remarkable job of caring for the considerable number of cats rescued by Project Jessie and Animal Alliance from the pound in Bowmanville, east of Oshawa. On her own initiative she started Toronto Cat Rescue  to solicit responsible foster homes and loving permanent homes for the rescued cats.

  • Find Out More:
  • flowericongrey North Toronto Cat Rescue - North Toronto Cat Rescue is a non-profit,volunteer-run registered charity genuinely concerned with the welfare of all cats and kittens.
    Find Out More:

  • flowericongrey Meow-Aid - non-profit, no-kill cat shelter. Adult cats are available for adoption and fostering.
  • Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Meow-Aid is a small, non-profit organization, committed to easing the  suffering of homeless cats by sheltering them until a good home can be found, and by promoting the practice of spaying and neutering.
  • Meow-Aid is a no-kill operation run totally by volunteers. Many of our cats come to  us half-starved, mistreated or terrified as a result of abuse or abandonment. We provide them veterinary help as well as food, shelter and lots of love. Our aim is to find good homes for them all.
  • Find Out More:
  • flowericongrey SCAT - Street Cat Rescue Program Inc.
  • 1635 Preston Avenue, Saskatoon, SK S7H 2V7 (Telehone 306-975-3736) Fax 306-343-0184
  • Compassionate caregivers work diligently to improve the life of feral colonies by providing aid and comfort, including food, water, shelter and medical care.  This is not a rescue shelter!
  • Find Out More:

    flowericongrey Animals in Distress - Animals in Distress is a registered voluntary organization founded by a small group of people concerned about the cruelty and neglect to which many of our domestic and wild animals are subjected

    Find Out More:


  • flowericongrey Non Profit in Korea
    Welcome to the official web site for the Korea Animal Protection Society (KAPS). KAPS is dedicated to promoting animal  welfare and protection in Korea through education, stricter animal cruelty laws and the continued development of the KAPS shelter.

    flowericongrey Non Profit in Latvia

     The Animals' Friend - Dzîvnieku Draugs

    The Animals' Friend was set up in 1995 by Christine Chilver, under the guidance of the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA). It is a  registered charity in Latvia and has applied for membership of the WSPA. The Animals' Friend has its headquarters in Riga, Latvia.


      to improve animal welfare in Latvia
      to help with legislation on animal protection
      to improve veterinary training and practice
      to promote humane treatment of animals by public education
      to raise funds for animal welfare

    Dzîvnieku Draugs
    28 Aspazijas bulv.
    LV-1050 Riga
    Fax: + 371 8821323

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    flowericongrey Non Profit in Sweden

    Djurens Samarittjänst

    Djurhemmet 0302-444 45
    Frigångsgatan 2A
    413 01 GÖTEBORG
    031-24 24 30

    Djurens Vänner
    Dr. Bex gata 4
    400 31 GÖTEBORG
    031-24 45 00

    Göteborgs Djurskyddsförening
    Helenebergsgatan 2
    412 62 GÖTEBORG
    031-20 81 80
    fax: 031-20 27 70

    Nordiska Samfundet Mot Plågsamma Djurförsök
    Packhusplatsen 7
    411 13 GÖTEBORG
    031-711 74 13

    Storemosse Djurskyddsklubb
    Pl 339
    430 64 HÄLLINGSJÖ
    0301-407 19

    flowericongrey Föreningen Stockholms Katthem
    Tel: 08-744 37 61 mån-fre 10-12
    Öppet för besök alla dagar 18-20
    Klensmedsvägen 2
    126 37 HÄGERSTEN

    Välkommen kattvän. - Föreningen har ett eget katthem  och tar emot upphittade och hemlösa katter. Vi tar också emot katter från kronofogdemyndigheter, polis, sociala myndigheter och dödsbon. Katterna återbördas till sina ägare eller utplaceras i nya hem. Innan  utplacering lägger vi ner mycket tid och arbete på att rehabilitera ev. sjuka och störda katter. Vi kontrollerar de nya hemmen noga och överlåtelsekontrakt skrivs alltid där den nye ägaren förbinder sig att ta väl  hand om djuret.

    Tillfälliga inackorderingar tas emot i mån av plats.

    Föreningens medlemmar arbetar för att alla katters rättsliga och sociala status skall förbättras och för att förhindra och bekämpa  djurplågeri. Vi informerar också om hur man på bästa sätt sköter sin katt.

    Verksamheten bedrivs och bekostas av privata medel. Ekonomin är mycket svag eftersom kostnaderna för hyra, veterinärvård, vaccinering,  kastrering, sand och mat uppgår till avsevärda belopp varje månad.

    Alla inkommande medel går oavkortat till hjälp åt nödlidande katter. Alla som arbetar på katthemmet gör det på sin fritid helt ideellt.

    Föreningens motto är "Katten ska leva - inte dö".

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    UK - United Kingdom

    flowericongrey The Cats Protection League

    We are a long-established cat welfare charity. In fact we are the oldest  and largest cat charity in the UK.

    What are we? - We are primarily a rescue organisation. We have 13 purpose built Shelters and 250 voluntary Branches throughout the UK who between them rescue and rehome some 75,000  cats a year - that's one every 7 minutes. We also encourage the neutering of all cats not required for breeding and provide an information service to the public.

    17 Kings Road, Horsham, West Sussex RH13 5PN, UK
    Registered charity of the UK
    Accepting donations/membership possible for small fee
    Also  The Kitten Club

    flowericongrey Celia Hammond Animal Trust
    Wadhurst, Sussex TN5 6AG, UK
    Phone: 01892 783367/783820
    Fax: 01892 784882

    Registered charity of the UK

    The trust runs a rescue/rehoming service and sacturary but low-cost spay clinics. Currently fund-raising to open a second low-cost neuter clinic.

    flowericongrey Pedigree Rescue Service
    Ursula Fearne
    Phone: 01932 862854

    New homes found for all pedigree cats. New owners carefully vetted for suitability.

    flowericongrey Animal Samaritans (rescue service)

    52 Verdant Lane, Catford, London SE6 1LF, UK
    Area of: South East London and North Kent, UK
    Registered charity of the UK

    flowericongrey Macclefield CPL Group

    The CPL is the oldest charity devoted solely to promoting the welfare of cats (founded 1927) Our aims: 

     1.To rescue  stray, unwanted and injured cats and kittens

    2.To rehabilitate them and re-home them wherever possible.

    3.To encourage the neutering of all cats not required for breeding.

    4.To provide information to the public on the care of cats and kittens.

    The CPL has 240 branches throughout the country. These are all run by volunteers, over 55% of which also have full time jobs

    The CPL has 13  shelters around the country run by headquarters, (our nearest is Warrington.)

     flowericongrey Feline Advisory Bureau

    Want to learn more about cats and be involved in their future health and welfare ? Why not join the Feline Advisory  Bureau? is a charity which promotes the health and welfare of cats by making the latest information available to vets, cat breeders and owners. It funds vets to specialize in feline medicine and runs a boarding cattery  training scheme and many other feline projects.

    FAB members receive a quarterly color journal outlining the latest information and treatments in the feline world.

    Over 40 information sheets are also available on  feline diseases, behavior and breeding. FAB also holds regular conferences, meetings and open days about cats.

    FAB, 'Taeselbury'
    High Street
    Tisbury, Wilts SP3 6LD, UK
    Tel: +44(0)1747 871872
    Fax: +44(0)1747 871873

    Registered Charity No 254641

    flowericongrey Blue Cross
    Animal Welfare Society
    Shilton Road, Burford, Oxon OX18 4PF, UK
    Phone: 01993 822651
    Fax: 01993 823083

    Rescue service,  welfare boarding and care advice Veterinary treatment in clinics provided for those in financial difficulty

    CAF Charity No(GAYE) No 000224105

    Catastrophies Cat Rescue
    Half Moon Cottage
    Bakers Lane
    Heathfield, East Sussex TN21 9JS
    Phone: 01435830212

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    flowericongrey Pfizer Animal Health Supports Animal Shelters in Southern California
    Increasing warm weather produces mosquito, flea and ear mite...

    flowericongrey Hawaii Cat Foundation - non-profit organization using TNR to humanely reduce the feral cat population Hawaii.

    flowericongrey Palm Beach Cat Rescue - humanely caring for and controlling Palm Beach, Florida's feral cat population.

    flowericongrey Alley Cat Allies - promotes compassion and humane care for America's feral cat population and advocates a trap-neuter-release program.

    flowericongrey Campus Cat Coalition - University of Texas, Austin - trap/neuter/release program to manage and control the feral cat population.

    flowericongrey Aggie Feral Cat Alliance of Texas (AFCAT) - dedicated to the welfare, study, and management of feral cat populations on the campus of Texas A&M University.

    flowericongrey Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon - dedicated to the humane reduction of feral cat populations through spaying and neutering clinics.

    flowericongrey Town Cats - Ocean City, MD - working to control the homeless cat populations by trapping, sterilizing, and releasing  cats to monitored sites where food, shelter, and care are provided.

     flowericongrey USDA Missing Pet Network(State by state listings of missing dogs and cats.)

    flowericongrey No More Homeless Pets - Best Friends Animal Sanctuary has some excellent Downloadable Booklets in PDF format, fully  formatted, with photos and illustrations, and all ready to print out for yourself or other people.

    Available Booklets:

    How to Find Homes for Homeless Pets
    The Adoption Option
    How to Start Your Own Sanctuary
    How to Care for Feral Cats
    How to Start a Spay/Neuter Program
    The Truth about Juvenile Spay/Neuter
    Animal Shelter Assistance Program (ASAP)


    flowericongrey Friends for Life Animal Sanctuary - Gilbert, AZ - a registered Non Profit Organization offers humane, no-kill alternatives to homeless cats and dogs. Features Painting Paws, paintings created by rescued cats and dogs, and rescue stories.

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    flowericongrey Painting PawsTM - Help our Starving Artists!

    Every painting is created by a rescued cat or dog saved by Friends for Life. Volunteers provide the paint and paper and the animals create the art. Some people are a bit  skeptical, but we assure you, each piece of art is created by actual paws. Each piece is created with non-toxic, water-based acrylic paint and is matted and/or framed as appropriate.

    flowericongrey Friends for Life Animal Sanctuary

    Animal Rescues and Adoptions
    715 W. Baseline #3-178
    Tempe, Arizona 85283
    (602) 893-8858

    Friends for Life is a registered nonprofit  animal rescue organization dedicated to ending animal suffering in Maricopa County. We enforce an intense spay and neuter policy for all the animals we rescue. Friends for Life strives to preserve and enhance life and  does not practice or condone euthanasia as a means of population control.


    flowericongrey Animal Helpline, P.O. Box 944, Morongo Valley 92256
    flowericongrey California Feline Foundatioln, 555 N. Van Ness, Fresno 93728
    flowericongrey D.E.L.T.A. Rescue, P.O. Box 9, Glendale 91209-0009
    flowericongrey Friends of Cats Inc., P.O. Box 1613, Lakeside 92040
    flowericongrey Helen Woodward Animal Center, 641 El Apajo, P.O. Box 64, Rancho Santa Fe 92067
    flowericongrey Living Free Animal Sanctuary, P.O. Box 5, 54250  Keen Camp Rd. Mountain Center 92561
    flowericongrey Los Angeles County Dept. of Animal Care and Control, Center #5, 5210 W. Ave. I, Lancaster 93536
    flowericongrey Marin Humane Society, 171 Bel Marin Keys Blvd., Novato 94949
    flowericongrey N.A.R.F., P.O. Box 26587, San Jose 95159
    flowericongrey Peninsula Humane Society, 12 Airport Blvd., San Mateo 94401
    flowericongrey Pet Pride, P.O. Box 1055, Pacific Palisades 90272
    flowericongrey San Diego Humane Society/SPCA, 887 Sherman St., San Diego 92110
    flowericongrey San Clemente Animal Shelter, 224 Pin-Toresco, San Clemente 92672
    flowericongrey SPCA of Monterey County, P.O. Box 3058, Monterey 93942
    flowericongrey Valley Oak SPCA , 29016 Hwy. 99, Visalia 93277

    flowericongrey Pet Finders - Sacramento - Pet Finders provides a pet information HOTLINE and  adoption placement service for stray or unwanted pets for Northern California including Sacramento and surrounding counties.

    flowericongrey Animal Shelter Assistance Program (ASAP)
    5473 Overpass Road
    Santa Barbara, CA, 93111

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    flowericongrey The Pets Unlimited Shelter

    Thank you for your interest in our  Adoption Center. Pets Unlimited is a non-profit charitable organization that was established in the 1940's. It was located on Sacramento Street in San Francisco, and it provided homeless animals with care, shelter and  adoption services. It was also the first Adoption Center with a "no-kill" agenda. In the 1970's, Pets Unlimited moved to its current building on Fillmore Street. Due to a noise ordinance, the Adoption Center  can no longer house dogs. Today, Pets Unlimited serves as the only 24 hour emergency hospital in the city. It also runs a cat Adoption Center.

    I urge everyone to visit the center. There are many happy and healthy  feline friends who are looking for new homes. All of the cats have passed a physical exam, been spayed or neutered, been tested for FIV and Leukemia, been vaccinated and been bathed. The facility is unique because  visitors can pet, play with and handle all of the cats. In addition, we always need volunteers to assist with cat care. Please visit!!

    Pet Network - Saratoga California - We are a Non-Profit Animal Rescue - Placement Service

    2nd Chance Kittens & Kats- nonprofit group rescues and secures treatment, feed, and supplies for injured, ill, and/or abused domestic animals and wildlife.

    flowericongrey Companion Animal Rescue Effort

    Introducing C.A.R.E. - Mission Statement We are a nonprofit animal welfare group  composed of volunteers. We place homeless animals into safe and loving homes. All our companion animals go into the community spayed or neutered (except for the smallest of puppies and kittens). We also offer phone  support for adopters, obedience classes, and grooming clinics for cats and dogs. We're dedicated to making Santa Clara County a better place for the animals.

    C.A.R.E. is currently operating with a board of six  members and one staff member. Our total operating budget is $100,000. We have been in operation in Santa Clara County for five years. Donations can be either monetary or inkind, and they are always appreciated.

    Companion Animal Rescue Effort
    P.O. Box 111474
    Campbell, California 95011-1474

    flowericongrey Feral Cat Coalition

    The  Feral Cat Coalition was formed. The FCC is an organization that traps and spays/neuters feral cats, then returns them to their caretakers. This service is provided to the community at no cost by licensed veterinarians  and volunteers with one goal in mind: reducing the enormous number of homeless, unwanted cats.

    Since we began in November 1992, we have spayed/neutered over 1,500 cats per year!!! The FCC is made up entirely of  volunteers, and donations are always welcome and needed for surgical supplies!

    Please send your tax-deductible contributions to:

    flowericongrey FERAL CAT COALITION

    9528 MIRAMAR ROAD #160
    SAN DIEGO, CA 92126

    Persian Cat Rescue
    305 Ross Drive
    Mill Valley CA 94941
    (415) 388-7925

    Who We Are

    Persian Cat Rescue is a group of volunteers, led by Wanda Roe, working together to  save Persians as well as Himalayans and Exotic Shorthairs. Our rescue's goal is to find happy and healthy homes for those that have been abandoned, abused or are strays. Each of our volunteers have been  "touched" in some way by a Persian and we feel that they are a very special breed. We will keep a cat until the perfect home is found for him/her, usually 1 week to 1 year. We operate solely on donations and  the kindness of volunteers and local veterinarians.

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    flowericongrey Pets in Need - Animal Adoption and Referral Agency

    Animal Adoption and Referral Agency
    873 Fifth Ave.,
    Redwood City, CA 94063
    (415) 367-1405

    flowericongrey Pets in Need (PIN) is a non-profit, community-based, humane animal shelter and adoption agency. PIN is located in  Redwood City, California and serves communities throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area. PIN provides comprehensive assistance to clients and companion animals sheltered and listed through PIN's innovative  placement and referral system. PIN provides many services to assure that animals find and are maintained in permanent, loving relationships and homes. Our primary mission is to reduce companion animal homelessness and  abuse.

    flowericongrey ANIMALS AT RISK CARE SANCTUARY i Modesto, California

    "Providing a safe place for domestic pets to age gracefully"

    flowericongrey RAINBOW RESCUE

    AARC has established a new rescue program called Rainbow Rescue. Our Rainbow Rescue page tells all about this new program. The page also has pictures and biographies of pets who are available for adoption! To help us in  our rescue efforts, we are in need of people willing to provide Foster Homes for dogs, cats, and bunnies. The more Foster Homes we have, the more animals we can rescue. If you are interested in becoming a Foster Home,  please e-mail us at or call us at (209)527-AARC.

    flowericongrey Tender Loving Care - T.L.C.R.
    P.O. BOX 700724
    SAN JOSE, CA. 95170-0274
    VOICE MAIL 408-255-1806

    T.L.C.R.'s purpose is to find the right new home for stray, feral, abandoned, unwanted and owner relinquished kittens and cats.  Each cat and kitten gets a full veterinary exam, vacinations and FELV/FIV Combo  tested.  All kittens and cats stay in the foster homes until they become adopted. They are affection trained and are not considered  until they are COMPANION ready. Then get ready, these guys and gals are a  load of FUN.  Adoption donations go towards the cost of vet bills, food, litter, toys, bedding and whatever else the little guys require.

    flowericongrey Alley Cat Rescue Foundation (San Francisco) - What is Alley Cat Rescue Foundation?

    The ACRF program provides resources to enable individuals  primarily in the South/South East San Francisco Bay Area to rescue abandoned, abused and/or neglected cats and kittens of all ages. Our Placement Program is also available to assist people in adopting a new cat or  finding new homes for their present cats.  The foundation is a non-profit organization comprised of individuals who spend their own time (and often their own money) to see to it that whatever cats we can sponsor  are nourished and healed - both physically and psychologically.  Once a feline is deemed ready, it is shown at certain display points so that individuals who wish to own a cat can choose to adopt one of the ACRF  cats.

    ACRF has found homes for over 3,000 cats in 3 years.

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    flowericongrey Organizations in  the Los Angeles Area

    See also Sue Freeman's
    Guide to Rescue Cats in the Los Angeles area

    flowericongrey Actors & Other s For Animals
    Call (818) 755-6045 for referrals

    flowericongrey Amanda Foundation
    West Los Angeles
    Cats & Dogs - Shelter rescue only - No kennels
    For Adoptions, please call for an appointment
    Phone: (310) 278-2935

    flowericongrey Animal Alliance for Cats
    2329 Cotner
    West Los Angeles
    Adoptions by appt only

    Cats Recues Only.  Kennel Available
    Phone: (310) 479-8551

    flowericongrey Best Friends Animal Santuary
    Raising Funds for a Utah animal sanctuary - no shelter in Los Angeles
    Phone: (818) 377-9778

    flowericongrey CAT CROSSING
    Adoptions available at  Petco - No Kennel
    Sats 11:00 - 3:00, 17919 Ventura, Encino
    Suns 11:00 - 3:30, 2910 Wilshire, Santa Monica
    Phone: (818) 759-6554

    flowericongrey CATS in Need of Human Care
    Adoption Services available at several PetsMarts Stores
    Orange County, Pomona, Riverside, San Gabriel
    Has kennel
    Sats & Suns 10:00-5:00, call stores
    Phone:  (909) 622-0121

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    flowericongrey Animal Rescue & Adoption Society, 2390 S. Delaware, Denver 80223
    flowericongrey Boulder County Humane Society, 2323 55th St., Boulder 80301
    flowericongrey Cat Care Society, 5985 W. 11th Ave., Lakewood 80214
    flowericongrey Denver Dumb Friends League, 2080 S. Quebec, Denver 80231
    flowericongrey Fur Purries, 111 W. Abriendo, Pueblo 81004
    flowericongrey Longmont Humane Society, 9595 Nelson Rd., Longmont 80501


    flowericongrey Animal Friends of Connecticut, P.O. Box 370306, West Hartford 06137-0306
    flowericongrey MEOW Inc. , P.O. Box 999, 10 Naser Rd., Litchfield 06759

    flowericongrey Connecticut Cat Rescue Web

    Welcome to the Connecticut Cat Rescue Web! If you're a cat lover in or around Connecticut, this is your resource for helping homeless cats find homes.  If you have cats available for adoption, please contact me to have them listed here. If you know anyone else who might be interested in these pages (especially people who run rescue organizations and animal shelters in  CT), please tell them about it!


    flowericongrey Washington Humane Society, 7319 Georgia Ave. N.W., Washington 20012

    flowericongrey Peacock's

    Peacock is just one cat  with a computer and just one place to start. Not even an organization. If you need or want to give help, please work with a rescue organization. And if you seek a home for a cat, the more organizations you contact the  better. Please check out Peacock's Friends again and again. New cats come on board often as NEEDING HELP NOW or as SUCCESS stories, and so does other info.


    flowericongrey S.A.B.R.E. - Somali & Abyssinian Rescue

    S.A.B.R.E. is a non-profit breed rescue and education organization whose goal is to provide a haven for unwanted Somali and Abyssinian cats and place them in responsible homes,  as well as educate people about these wonderful cats and their needs. While our central office is in the Chicago area, we are a nationally connected club, and have representatives throughout the country. We have no  affiliation with any club or parent organization, although some cat clubs donate money to our cause.

    S.A.B.R.E. works with a number of shelters and veterinarian offices, as well as appears at cat shows, to make  ourselves known. Most of the cats we see are from shelters or turned into us by the owner.

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    flowericongrey Cats Haven
    P.O. Box 30206
    Indpls., IN 46230

    Cats Haven is a nonprofit organization providing many services for our feline friends. It is a pro-life, no-kill shelter for cats and kittens who are in transition and  need a home of their own. It is a non-institutional shelter so cats are not kept in  cages as a rule. It is a hospice for cats whose injuries need  attention before they can be adopted. Cats Haven is also a  final home for cats who have outlived their owners and are in their golden years themselves. We are currently at capacity and cannot house any more cats.


    flowericongrey Adopt-A-Pet Inc., 11900 232nd St. S.W., Miami 33170
    flowericongrey Humane Society of Broward County, 2070 Griffin Rd., Fort Lauderdale 33312
    flowericongrey Humane Society of St. Lucie County, P.O. Box 3661, Savannah Rd., Fort Pierce 34982
    flowericongrey K&C Pet Rescue & Adoption Society, 9160 Commonwealth Ave., Jacksonville 32220
    flowericongrey Leesburg Humane Society, P.O. Box 895334, Leesburg 34789-5334
    flowericongrey West Volusia Humane Society , P.O. Box 2019, DeLand 32721


    flowericongrey All C.A.T.S. Inc., 9880 Robinwood, Rosewell 30075-4128
    flowericongrey Atlanta Humane Society, 981 Howell Mill Rd., Atlanta 30318
    flowericongrey Good Mews Animal Foundation, 788 Sandtown Rd., Marietta 30060

    flowericongrey Concerned Feline Majority
    Phone: (404) 993-1222

    flowericongrey Good Mews Animal Foundation
    788 Sandtown Road, Marietta
    Phone: (770) 499-CATS

     Jennifer's Kitty Rescue

    Kitty Village- A description of the organization from their website:  "Kitty Village matches people who want to adopt a cat with cat rescuers, humane societies, and owners, but not breeders. The cats who are available through Kitty Village remain with their current caretaker until a  new home is found. Caretakers are located throughout metro Atlanta."

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    flowericongrey Animal Organizations in Georgia by City/Town


    CSRA Humane Society, Inc


    Atlanta Humane Society
    Atlanta Wildlife Relocators
    Gwinnett Animal Control Shelter
    Humane Services of Metro Atlanta
    Humane Society of Cobb County


    Cherokee County Humane Society


    Humane Society of North Georgia


    Forsyth County Animal Control


    TLC Humane Society


    DeKalb Humane Society


    Gwinnett Humane Society

    East Ellijay

    Georgia United Animal Rescue


    Animal Welfare and Rescue Effort of Savannah

    Pets Are Worth Saving

    Save-A-Life Animal Welfare Organization


    Gwinnett County Animal Control Georgia

    Society of Humane Friends


    Please Rescue Me


    Rome Floyd Humane Society

    Pet Connection of Rome 

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    flowericongrey Just Strays, P.O. Box 8812, Boise 83707


    flowericongrey Animal Protective Association, P.O. Box 18098, Chicago 60618
    flowericongrey Anderson Animal Shelter, 1000 S. Lafox South Elgin 60177
    flowericongrey Felines Inc, P.O. Box 268020, Chicago 60626
    flowericongrey Humane Society of Rock Island County , 724 W. Second Ave., Milan 61264
    flowericongrey Kindness Inc., P.O. Box 7071, Elgin 60121
    flowericongrey Save-A-Pet, 2019 N. Rand, Palatine 60074
    flowericongrey Tree House Animal Foundation Inc. , 1212 W. Carmen Ave., Chicago 60640
    flowericongrey West Suburban Humane Society, P.O. Box 757, Lombard 60148


    flowericongrey Bartholemew County Humane Society, 4110 E. 200 S., Columbia 47201
    flowericongrey Humane Society of St. Joseph County, 2506 Liberty Dr., Mishawaka 46545


    flowericongrey Animal Lifeline of Iowa, P.O. Box 12, Carlisle 50047
    flowericongrey Animal Rescue League of Iowa , 5452 N.E. 22nd St., Des Moines 50313


    flowericongrey Louisiana Spca 1700 Mardi Gras Blvd., New Orleans, LA 70114 (504) 368-5191 Website: Email: The Louisiana Spca is the oldest & most comprehensive animal welfare organization in the State of Louisiana providing Animal Control for the City of New Orleans & offering Pet Adoptions, Low Cost Spay & Neuter & Wellness Clinics, Feral Cat Program, Volunteer Opportunities & Humane Education


    flowericongrey Protectors of Animal Life (P.A.L.S.), Case Rd., P.O. Box 6, East Winthrop 04343-0006


    flowericongrey Animal Rescue Inc., P.O. Box 35, Maryland Line 21105
    flowericongrey Montgomery County Animal Control 14645 Rothgeb Dr., Rockville 20850


    flowericongrey The Alliance for Animals, P.O. Box 909, Boston 02103 |
    flowericongrey Just Cats, P.O. Box 531, Mansfield 02048
    flowericongrey Last Resort, 1126 Broadway, Hanover, 02339
    flowericongrey Northeast Animal Shelter, 204 Highland Ave., Salem 01970
    flowericongrey Standish Humane Society , P.O. Box 824, Scituate 02066

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    flowericongrey Humane Society of Genesse County
    G-3325 S. DOR7 Hwy,
    Burton 48529

    flowericongrey Michigan Feral Cat Alliance
    Pauline Margetson
    Address: 2814 Alpha Way
    Flint, MI, 48506
    Telephone Number: 810-250-9207
    E-mail Address:
    Fax Number: 810-250-9207

    flowericongrey International Veterinary Educational Assistance
    Liene Dindonis M.S., D.V.M.
    1616 Dover Road
    Kalamazoo MI 49008
    Tel. 616-349-7597
    Fax. 616-329-0159

    Dr Dindonis is able to assist US donors to send goods direct to veterinarians in Latvia in cooperation with  The Animals' Friend charity. Dr Dindonis also works for periods  each year in Latvia. If you have difficulty contacting Dr Dindonis, please email our UK office. E-mail:

    flowericongrey Michigan Feral Cat Alliance

    Pauline Margetson
    Address: 2814 Alpha Way
    Flint, MI 48506
    Telephone Number: 810-250-9207
    E-mail Address:
    Fax Number: 810-250-9207
    Web site:


    flowericongrey Animal Humane Society , 845 Meadow Ln. N., Golden Valley 55422
    flowericongrey Humane Soceity of Ramsey County, 1115 Beulah Ln., St. Paul 55108
    flowericongrey St. Croix Animal Shelter Inc., 13342 40th St. S., Alton 55001


    flowericongrey Humane Society of Missouri, 1210 Macklind Ave., St. Louis 63110
    flowericongrey Open Door Animal Sanctuary, 6065 Duda Rd., House Springs 63051
    flowericongrey Society for Treatment of Abandoned and Fractured Friends, P.O. Box 1061, Laurie 65038

    flowericongrey The Cat Network

    is an all-volunteer, no-kill, St. Louis-based cat rescue group in operation since 1991. We are a  501(c)(3) Missouri corporation.

    The Cat Network rescues abandoned, abused, stray and shelter cats. Approximately 85% of our rescues come from local kill shelters,  and require intensive medical treatment. For  the period 1/1/96 - 7/31/96, our expenses total $32,000 with over half of this attributed to medical expenses. The balance consists of shelter rescue fees, fundraiser costs, advertising, insurance, and litter, food  & other cat supplies. We have 15 veterinarians in the area we work with who provide us with discounted rates. We also take people's pets they need to place, and ask for help from them and other rescuers in  sponsoring costs for their cats, so we can focus our income on the more unfortunate ones

    We are funded about evenly between adoption fees, donations and our various fundraisers.

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    flowericongrey Animal Welfare League, 910 Sixth Ave., Laurie 59044
    flowericongrey Missoula Humane Society, 1105 Clark Fork Dr., Missoula 59802


    flowericongrey Panhandle Humane Society, Rt. 2, Box 117XY, Scottsbluff 69361


    flowericongrey American Society for the Welfare of Cats, P.O. Box 487, Bellmawr 08099 Associated
    flowericongrey Humane Societies Inc., 124 Evergreen Ave., Newark 07114


    flowericongrey Animal Haven Inc., 35-22 Prince St., Flushing 11354
    flowericongrey The Humane Society of New York , 306 E. 59th St., New York 10022
    flowericongrey Kent Animal Shelter, River Road, Calverton 11933
    flowericongrey League for Animal Protection of Huntington Inc., P.O. Box 390, Huntington 11743
    flowericongrey Mid-Hudson Animal Aid Inc., 172 N. Plank Rd., #307, Newburgh 12550
    flowericongrey Pet Pride of New York Inc., P.O. Box 338, 3 Mendonlonia Rd., Mendon 14506
    flowericongrey Whiskers, P.O. Box 11190, Albany 12211


    flowericongrey Charlotte/Mecklenburg Animal Control Bureau, 8315 Byrum Dr., Charlotte 28217
    flowericongrey Humane Society of Charlotte, 2700 Toomey Ave., Charlotte, 28203

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    flowericongrey People's Anti-Cruelty Association/Albuquerque Animal Rescue-  non-euthanizing rescue organization providing foster care for cats and dogs. Photos and stories of adoptable cats and dogs, newsletter, and more.

    P.O Box 21280
    Albuquerque, NM 87154
    (505) 255-0544


    flowericongrey Bide-A-Wee Cat Shelter, 8800 Akins Rd., North Royalton 44133


    flowericongrey Free to Live, P.O. Box 130072, Edmond 73013-0072
    flowericongrey Lastchance for Life , P.O. Box 13190, Oklahoma City 73113
    flowericongrey Second Chance Animal Sanctuary Inc., P.O. Box 1266, Norman 73070


    flowericongrey Evergreen-Doe Humane Society , 10605 S.E. Loop Rd., Dayton 97114
    flowericongrey Humane Society of the Willamette Valley, P.O. Box 13005, Salem 97309
    flowericongrey Multnomah County Animal Control, 1700 W. Columbia Hwy., Troutdale 97060
    flowericongrey Spay and Neuter Humane Association^, 333 W. Marine Dr., Astoria 97103-6205


    flowericongrey Animal Care Fund Inc., Animal Care Sanctuary, P.O. Box A, East Smithfield 18817
    flowericongrey Kitty and K-9 Connection, P.O. Box 312, Drexel Hill 19026
    flowericongrey Pennsylvania SPCA, 350 E. Erie Ave., Philadelphia 19134
    flowericongrey Women's Humane Society of Pennsylvania, 3025 W. Clearfield, Philadelphia 19132

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    flowericongrey Robert Potter League for Animals, P.O. Box 412, Newport 02840


    flowericongrey The Feline Refuge

    PO Box  404, Mt. Pleasant, S.C. 29464 is a S.C. registered, nonprofit Organization dedicated to reducing the feral population in the Lowcountry. We are supported nationally by: SPAY USA, ASPCA N.Y., PETA, Animal Friends, Mary  Hero Los Vegas, and Cat Alley. These, and other organizations, help to establish shelters and as well as aid in the passing of important legislation, ordinances and laws to protect, vaccinate and sterilize stray animal

    We are currently sheltering over 100 animals in the tri-county area and could use everyone's help realizing our goals for sheltering homeless felines. All of our animals are spayed/neutered and receive medical  attention. We also provide feeding stations that provide food and medicine to feral communities


    flowericongrey Animal Adoption Center^, 117 N. Garland Ave., Garland 75040
    flowericongrey Brazos Animal Shelter, P.O. Box 4191, Bryan 77805
    flowericongrey Houston SPCA^, 519 Studemont, Houston 77007
    flowericongrey Humane Society of Austin and Travis County^, P.O. Box 1386, Austin 78767
    flowericongrey Operation Kidness, 1029 Trend, Carrollton 75006
    flowericongrey Pals of Katy, P.O. Box 6575, Katy 77492
    flowericongrey SPCA of Texas, 362 S. Industrial Blvd., Dallas 75207


    flowericongrey Humane Society of Utah, 4242 S. 300 W., Murray 84107
    flowericongrey Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, P.O. Box G, Kanab 84741


    flowericongrey Animal Allies, P.O. Box 353, Fairfax Station 22039
    flowericongrey Animal Welfare League of Arlington, 2650 S. Arlington Mill Dr., Arlington 22206
    flowericongrey Caring of Creatures , Rt. 2, Box 1009, Palmyra 22963
    flowericongrey Lend-A-Paw Relief Organization, P.O. Box 4864, Falls Church 22044
    flowericongrey National Humane Education Society, 15-B Catocin Cir. S.E., #207, Leesburg 22075
    flowericongrey Virginia Beach SPCA^, 3040 Holland Rd., Virginia Beach 23456

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    flowericongrey Charlteston Humane Association , 1248 Greenbrier St., Charleston 25311


    flowericongrey Fox Valley Humane Association, 3401 W. Brewster St., Appleton 54914
    flowericongrey Orphan Alley, N2658 CT A, Gresham 54128

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    flowericongrey Metro Animal Control and Welfare, 200 N. David, Casper 82601

    Lost and Found Resources



    PetHarbor Rescue - The only national Pet Listing with information updated hourly

    Pets 911 - Finding home for our nation’s pets

    Breed Rescue Network

    flowericongrey What to expect from Breed Rescue FAQ - By Kathy Nicklas-Varraso
    Find out more:
    flowericongrey Pure Bred Cat Breed Rescue
    Find out more:
    flowericongrey Cat Purebred Rescue
    Find out more:
    flowericongrey National Abysinian Rescue -
    American Curl Rescue Project (ACRP) -
    flowericongrey The Bengal Rescue Network -
    flowericongrey Burmese Breed Rescue-National Alliance of Burmese Breeders -
    flowericongrey Cornish Rex Friends -
    flowericongrey Devon Rex -
    flowericongrey Maine Coon Rescue -
    flowericongrey Manxalot Rescue (Manx & Cyrmic) -
    flowericongrey The Norwegian Forest Cat Breed Rescue & Adoption Program -
    flowericongrey Ocicat Breed Rescue -
    flowericongrey Persians & Exotic Shorthairs -
    flowericongrey The Pixie Bob Rescue Network -
    flowericongrey Ragdoll Rescue USA -
    flowericongrey Russian Blue Breed Support -
    flowericongrey Scottish Fold Rescue -
    flowericongrey Siamese Rescue Central (Siamese & Color Point Shorthairs) -
    flowericongrey Siberian Cat Rescue Group -
    flowericongrey Snowshoe Cat Rescue Network -
    flowericongrey Somali Breeders & Fanciers Association Rescue -
    flowericongrey Tonkinese Breed Rescue -
    flowericongrey Noah's Wish -
    flowericongrey Best Friends Animal Society -
    flowericongrey The Winn Feline Foundation -
    flowericongrey CFA Animal Welfare Committee -

    Other Rescue Groups

    Helen Woodward    Rancho Santa Fe (858) 756-4117
    Shelter Pet Partners   San Diego (619) 390-9028
    Loving Arms Rescue and Adoption   San Diego (619) 895-1955
    National Cat Protection Society   Spring Valley (619) 469-8771
    Friends of Cats    El Cajon (619) 561-0361
    Rosebud Society Cat Rescue     San Diego  (858) 551-7574 
    Friends of Rescued Animals      San Diego  (760) 789-7777 
    Fallbrook Animal Sanctuary 760-685-3533 
    Rancho Coastal Humane    Encinitas (760) 753-6413  
    Siamese Rescue    San Diego (619) 334-2709 
    FOCAS    San Diego (619) 685-3536   (Friends of County Animal Shelters)
    Angel Wings Cat Rescue - Humane Societies that are "no-kill", as long as the animal is "adoptable":
    Escondido Humane Society (760) 745-4362
    San Diego Humane Society (619) 299-7012
    Any OTHER shelters do NOT, to our knowledge, have a formally stated " no-kill" policy. For FERAL CATS - not used to people and won’t be happy as “pets”:
    Feral Cat Coalition (619) 758-9194 (Will advise how to assist, loan traps and help with spay/neuter - does not take in cats)
    Pet Assistance Groups
    Pet Assistance (spay & neuters) 619-544-1222
    RUFF 949-458-9663

    United Animal Nation (Apply Online)

    Foundation for Care of Indigent Animals (prefers to get calls between 8pm-9pm)

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    flowericongrey Bellingham-Whatcom County Humane Society, 3710 Williamson Way, Bellingham 98226
    flowericongrey Benton-Franklin Humane Society, P.O. Box 2532, Pasco 99302
    flowericongrey The Humane Society and SPCA of Seattle/King County, 13212 S.E. Eastgate Way, Bellevue 98005-4492
    flowericongrey The Humane Society for Tacoma and Pierce County, 2608 Center St., Tacoma 98409
    flowericongrey Kitsap Humane Society, 9167 Dickey Rd. N.W. Silverdale 98383
    flowericongrey Spokanimal Care , N. 710 Napa, P.O. Box 3151, Spokane 99220
    flowericongrey Timberline Sanctuary^, 7570 B. Hwy 291, Ford 99013

    flowericongrey Save Our Critters Society (Seattle-based)

    SOCS is a volunteer nonprofit animal rescue group, located in the Seattle, Washington area. Our mission is to make an animal's life better, one tail at a time. We were formed based on the belief that one  person can better one animal's life, and it matters to that one animal. SOCS is dedicated to helping stray, abandoned and injured cats find loving indoor homes. Our existence depends on the generosity of you - the  animal lovers who support our beliefs. Let our critters change your life, while you improve the quality of theirs.

    Send all tax deductible donations of cash, food or other items to:Save Our Critters Society
    P.O. Box 5005
    Redondo, Washington, 98054-5005

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