Cat Health Insurance

    Health care benefits aren't just for humans anymore. Many people are taking out veterinary pet insurance to ensure that their companion animals will be able to receive expensive veterinary treatments and surgeries if needed.

    Annual fees for pet insurance range from $50-300. depending on the insurance package and coverage. Most pet health insurance plans have deductibles which range from a fixed amount ($40.) per vet visit to a $100-200 annual deductible. Some offer multi-pet discounts of 5-10

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    Pet insurance originated in Europe in the 1970s, but was not offered in the U.S. until the early 1980s. Twenty years later, while nearly a quarter of pet owners in England have pet insurance, and half in Sweden, only one percent of American pet guardians possess health insurance for their pet. But with rising health care costs, this percentage is growing.

    (from the Marine Humane Society’s In the News: Tail of Marine

    What is pet insurance?

    Pet insurance pays for your vet bills when your cat or dog is sick or gets in an accident. Typically, you pay the bill and the insurance company reimburses you. You can visit any vet you like. Some conditions your pet has before you get your insurance might be excluded.

    Pet insurance is kind of like your own health insurance and many plans have deductibles, maximums, and even coinsurance. Pet insurance does not necessarily cover all conditions so make sure you get all the facts before you buy. A recent article "Should you buy pet insurance?" that we really liked can be found

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    PetSure -

    Thank you for visiting the PetSure (Australia) website. The objective of our website is to provide you with information about PetSure (Australia) Pty Ltd, our partners and our products. Please note that the information presented on this website may be updated from time to time. We therefore urge that you confirm any details, upon which you may base an insurance decision, before making a final commitment.

    Petplan -

    With more than 25 years of experience in pet insurance in the UK, Petplan is now available in Australia. Petplan is committed to the welfare and enjoyment of pets and gives peace of mind to owners.

    Even the most caring pet owners are often unprepared to handle expensive vet fees and surgeries that accidents or illness can bring. That’s why pet owners from across the country are turning to the #1 Pet Health Insurer to help cover the unexpected costs of veterinary care & pet insurance.


    As much as we love our pets, accidents do happen, and vet expenses can be high. So we've introduced an optional pet insurance cover for pet dogs and cats that you can include with your Suncorp Home and Contents insurance. For a little extra with Pet Insurance, you'll receive up to $500 for vet expenses if your pet dog or cat is injured in an accident. So protect your precious home contents with Suncorp Optional Pet insurance cover.

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    PetCare - Pet Insurance Programs
    North America's Choice for Pet Insurance - Flexible - Affordable - Dependable. 

    The ability to share one's home with a cat or a dog is one of the great joys in life, they offer us love and loyalty, companionship and protection. It is not surprising therefore that they quickly win their way into our hearts as our four-legged family members. Unfortunately our pets are as likely to become ill or to have an accident as any of our other loved ones, and in some cases more so. From falling down the stairs, to allergies, car accidents to cancer our pets frequently need the expertise of a veterinarian and at those times the last thing we want to think about is money. That's why PetCare Pet Insurance Programs offers you the chance to manage the risk associated with your pet's medical issues through the provision of a selection of flexible and affordable pet insurance programs.

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    Como todo servicio de salud privado debemos un compromiso con nuestros beneficiarios, el cual nos proyectamos en el futuro mas cercano, al inscribir 5.000.- mascotas brindar un servicio de orientación telefónica veterinaria sin costo, y al tener 10 .000.- construir el primer MEGACENTRO VETERINARIO con coberturas totalmente beneficiosa y sin competencia a nivel nacional.
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    Santé Vet - Le spécialiste de l'assurance chien et chat


    French Health Insurance Quote for Cats and Dogs in France

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    Ihrer Katze geht es gut. Dafür sorgen Sie mit Ihrer Liebe, mit ausgesuchtem Futter, Streicheleinheiten - bis dann plötzlich etwas passiert, worauf Sie keinen Einfluss haben und wo vielleicht nur ein Tierarzt helfen kann.

    Dieser wird zwar alles tun, damit Ihre Katze schnell wieder auf die Pfoten kommt, doch gerade wenn er operieren muss, ist dies oft mit einer hohen Tierarztrechnung verbunden

    Wir bieten übrigens auch eine komplette Katzenkrankenversicherung:

    Wie schnell eine Operation notwendig sein kann und wie hoch eine Rechnung vom Tierarzt werden kann, zeigen Ihnen folgende alltägliche Beispiele:

    Beispiel 1:

    Ihr Kater rauft sich mit dem Nachbarkater und wird am Auge verletzt. Die Hornhaut muss genäht und aufwendig nachbehandelt werden.
    OP-Kosten einschl. Vor- und Nachbehandlung: bis zu 600 Euro

    Beispiel 2:

    Ihre Katze entwischt durch die Haustür, läuft auf die Straße und wird angefahren. Eine komplizierte Oberschenkelfraktur bedarf einer längeren Operation.

    OP-Kosten einschl. Vor- und Nachbehandlung: bis zu 1.400 Euro

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    Pet Insurance Coming to Japan, August 23, 2005

    According to a report from Japan's Kyodo news agency, the country's pet owners may soon be able to take out insurance coverage for the cost of medical treatment for injured or ill pets

    Pet coverage, while fairly common in the U.S., hasn't been readily available in Japan, but the pet insurance industry is setting out to change that.

    The bulletin notes that Japanese pets now enjoy a relatively long life span, but that carries with it an increased risk of illness, as the pets age. The expense of treating a sick animal for cancer or other diseases is also rising, as veterinarians more frequently use "state-of-the-art medical tools" in their treatments.

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    Petplan de zorgverzekering voor hond en kat

    U bent zelf verzekerd tegen ziektekosten. Dat is verplicht, maar u ziet er ook de noodzaak van in. Want heeft u een dure medische behandeling nodig, dan betaalt de zorgverzekeraar de rekening.

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    AGRIA er et forsikringsselskap som kun driver forsikring av dyr. Agria Maksimal gir deg inntil 30 000 kroner i erstatning ved sykdom og ulykker. Om du velger Agria Optimal, får du også dekket utgifter til rehabilitering og medisiner som er foreskrevet av en veterinær. Egenandelen består av en fast del på 900 eller 1200 kroner, og en bevegelig del på 20 prosent av forsikringssummen. Hos Agria kan du også få direkte skadeoppgjør ved 55 dyreklinikker i hele landet

    Norsk huskatt , ung og frisk: 520 kroner i premie (inntil 8000 i veterinærforsikring hos Gjensidige).

    Norsk huskatt , ung frisk: 369 kroner i premie ("maksimal" veterinærforsikring hos Agria inntil kr. 30 000)..

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    Petsure - Medical Insurance for your pet

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    Protectapet Insurance Shop

    Spain's leading Pet Insurance provider,
    with European and International cover available.

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    Här kan du bl.a. försäkra din hund, katt och diverse smådjur.
    Här kan du bl.a. försäkra din hund, katt, kanin och papegoja.
    Här kan du bl.a. försäkra din hund och katt.
    Din katt må ha nio liv, men när olyckan är framme är det främst en veterinär den behöver. Vår försäkring tillhör en av de bästa på marknaden. Både när det gäller ersättning och självrisk. Du kan försäkra din katt om den är minst 6 veckor, men den får inte ha fyllt 7 år.
    Är det än raskatt, äldre än 3 år och ännu oförsäkrad, behöver vi ett veterinärintyg. Intyget får inte vara äldre än 4 veckor

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    Stoneways Insurance Service - Dog and Cat Insurance The UK pet insurance market has seen many pet insurance schemes come and go. Stoneways pet health insurance has been running since 1990 and has many thousands of satisfied customers, so feel confident that we will be here when you need us. 

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    Cat is dedicated to protecting your cat

    Cat insurance provides information about risks to your cats health and welfare including accident and disease information; an explanation of what cover is provided under differing cat insurance policies; details of online cat insurance providers in our directory of cat insurance; a wealth of information about keeping and breeding cats, cat breeds, cat and kitten nutrition and feeding, and feline information for cat owners

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    Pet Insurance from the ASPCA - from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Free online quotes. We can save you up to 80% on veterinary costs. Coverage for accidents, illness and more.

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    Affordable Pet Insurance

    Insurance for dogs and cats with 80% coverage. Great benefits. Low rates. Get a free quote and enroll online.

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    Pet Insurance for All Pets

    No claim forms. Receive 25% discount directly from veterinarian. No exclusions, pre-existing conditions included. Plus pet locator tags with 24 hour service.

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    Free Pet Insurance Quotes

    Protect your dog or cat with pet health insurance. Get quotes from affiliated providers at

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    Pet Insurance

    Find Deals on pet insurance and other Home and Garden at DealTime. Choose from millions of deals. Save time and money every time you shop.

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    Need Pet Insurance?

    Guide explaining the benefits and types of pet insurance

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    Reviews - Pet Insurance

    We rate and review some of the top providers of Pet Insurance. Let us help you choose the right provider for your pet. We also review pet meds, toys, training, food and more. We love pets.

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