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    When my cat Duke was just a wee kitten fresh from the animal shelter, he began showing signs of digestive illness. Runny stools. Later, diarrhea. Over the next few years, his condition worsened steadily, until he was suffering from full-blown all-diarrhea-all-the-time. Lots of tests, a diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and then on to the usual gamut of scores of special prescription diets that didn't help.

    To make a long story short, Duke got well again, quite literally overnight, because I finally came to understand that if I paid attention to what I fed him, many seemingly intractable and allegedly "incurable" problems could disappear. Although the impact that a proper diet can have on a cat is probably most conspicuous and immediate for a cat suffering from digestive problems, I've learned along the way that all kinds of very serious feline disorders can be reversed or dramatically improved if we feed these magnificent creatures properly. What is involved, quite simply, is sticking as close to Mother Nature as you can manage. Good common sense.

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    flowericongrey Raising Cats Naturally - Michelle Bernard's groundbreaking book
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    flowericongrey Natural Solutions for Pet Depression & other Health Problems - Solve your pet's depression and other health problems for good

    I've helped lots of dogs and cats with depression over the many years that I've been into nutrition.
    In the past decade, my avid love for animals turned me into the "cat lady" while living in a University town in Seattle, WA. There were so many strays it was heart breaking. I'd only see them dart around briefly and return to find empty bowls where I'd left their
    food with sprinkled supplements.

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    flowericongrey Recipes  - Raw Catfood Diet Recipes made with real bones - from

    flowericongrey Feline Future Cat Food Company Inc. Innovation in cat nutrition since 1995.
    Home of the original Instincts cat food - the educated choice in feeding your cat.

    Origins of the cat
    Nutrition for True Carnivores
    Naturally Raw Meat
    Parasites - Part of Life
    How to Feed a Carnivore
    The Dry Cat Food Crisis
    A Predator's Teeth
    Raw Meat Based Dietary Formulations
    A Closer Look at Doing it Yourself
    Home Made Diet Trouble Shooting
    When Love can Kill
    Serving Recommendations for InstinctsTCtm
    A Path to Better Health
    Starting Right With Kittens

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    flowericongrey Feline Nutrition - The cat's dependence upon eating meat has been at the core of their evolution.

    Of all the carnivores, the felids are the most specialized meat-eaters. The cat thrives with very little, if any, direct ingestion of plant material. Of course, just as an herbivore such as the cow needs specialized digestive and metabolic processes to deal with converting grass to flesh or milk, the cat too has enhanced or eliminated certain biochemical mechanisms to deal with a diet rich in protein and fat, but with little or no carbohydrate.

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    Start your pet on the path to pefect health with Nuvet Plus. This pet vitamin made of human grade natural ingredients significantly reduces premature aging and increases longevity.
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    flowericongrey Pet Nutrition

    IAMS has all the ingredients for a lifetime of health and happiness.
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    flowericongrey Pet Nutrition

    Custom pet food recommendations. Try PetSmart's online food selector.
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    flowericongrey Pet Nutrition

    Get healthy Pet Nutrition with all natural, premium pet foods at Only Natural Pet Store, as well as natural pet treats, vitamins, supplements, shampoo, medicine, herbal remedies more
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    flowericongrey Hyaflex - Pure Hyaluronic Acid Your Pet

    Oral Hyaluronic Acid - for overall joint health and relief from arthritis, bursitis, hip dysplasia, osteochondrosis (OCD) and other degenerative problems with shoulders, elbows and hocks.
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    Registered safe merchant. Bayho carries Pure Encapsulations glucosamine complex equine powder and other professional line supplements with excellent quality, research and support.
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