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    Choose your cat toys carefully. Choose light toys (for tossing), soft toys (for teeth and claws) and toys large enough that they can't be swallowed.

    flowericongrey Pet Portraits - Geoffrey Martin, a Calgary artist specializing in original watercolor portraits of cats.

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    flowericongrey Outdoor Kitty Fun House  - Miau you have to see this one

    Your feline can now enjoy fun in the sun, and a breath of fresh air, with this no-assembly nylon enclosure, which safely confines one or more cats in roomy comfort. It may also be used indoors to temporarily separate pets or confine a sick kitty under an owner's watchful eye. The weather-resistant enclosure folds quickly and stores flat in the included zippered carrying case.

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    pawfumeflowericongrey PawFume, new animal beauty product for the cat in luxury - People Tested Pet Approved

    Mes Bons Amis™ skin care products for pets. All natural, non-toxic, made with the highest-quality (cosmetic grade) ingredients. The mildest, non-irritating cleaning agents. Essential oils for conditioning. Fragrance free and contain no fillers

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    flowericongrey New products pamper pets from head to tail - Spa and beauty treatments
    are the latest cat's meow

    Recently Muffin, an 11-year-old tortoiseshell cat living in Irvine, Calif., received a birthday card personally addressed to her in the mail. Inside was a gift certificate inviting her to spend a day at a southern California pet spa to enjoy a moisturizing body bath, massage and "peticure." The invitation to de-stress and relax was sent to Muffin, who had recently suffered a bout of illness, by none other than her veterinarian.

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    flowericongrey Gift Goody Baskets for Cats by Jennifer Wolf owner of Leave An Impression

    “We send gifts to [human] friends who have had an operation, so why not some tasty treats and beauty products for a dog or cat?” asks Wolf, who confirms that some gift baskets cost as much as $350.

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    flowericongrey Hair Dye for Your Cat? Dog?

    Most young women dye their hair every so often. Perhaps pets would like their hair dyed as well. Pet Esthe has come out with a pet hair dye called Vivid Color. By mixing seven different colors — yellow, orange, pink, violet, marine blue and green — and four medium colors — clear (thinner), gray, dark gray and black — you can create unlimited numbers of colors.

    Vivid Color, Pet Esthe
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    Fun For Your Cat

    flowericongrey Lightweight Cat Stroller - Even if your cat is not the true baby of your house, you'll find that this lightweight stroller for kitties is as useful as a baby carriage. Now your pet can safely accompany you on walks and outdoor outings with no fear on your part that it will get lost or hurt.

    The All-Purpose Traveler safely transports pets no matter the mode of travel. Easily converts from a stroller, to a car seat, to a carrier in minutes without tools! This versatile stroller features swivel front wheels and a rear wheel braking system. Lightweight tubular steel frame folds down in seconds for easy storage. Durable 600D polyester Traveler features removable, adjustable carrying straps, backstraps for seatbelt attachment, and Velcro® tabs to secure it to stroller frame. Zippered mesh top opening allows easy access while providing ample ventilation. Roll-up flap provides privacy and a safety clip attaches to your pet's collar or harness for added security. Multiple outside pockets carry all your precious pet's essentials.

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    flowericongrey The Stairway to Heaven -  the manufacturer states, "Your cat won't waste any of its nine lives going to this cat heaven!" 

    flowericongrey The Stairway to Cat Heaven. Your cat won't waste any of its 9 Lives going to this Cat Heaven! This is no ordinary piece of Cat Furniture. The Cozy Fur Condos™ serve as the "pearly gates" and a cozy shelter. Six Plush Fur Hammocks™ plus the roof of the Condos provide a choice of areas for resting and sleeping. There is a lot to climb and explore in this great and easily movable structure. Both you and your felines will love the Stairway to Cat Heaven, as it conveniently fits in any corner of the home and stays out of the way!

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    flowericongrey Coconut Sisal Cat Tree - The dangling green leaves and plush coconuts on this scratcher will remind you of the tropics. But, to your cat, they are toys for whapping after a good scratch.

    This unique scratching post protects furniture and upholstery by giving cats a safe place to exercise their natural scratching instincts, and helps maintain their claws. Dangling plush coconuts and sisal covering make it irresistible! 17 1/2" H.

    Or the:

    flowericongrey The Cactus Climber
    provides a great way for cats to climb, scratch, lounge, and play for hours. Durably constructed solid wood frames are covered in soft, dense plush fabric for a texture cats love. Cactus Climber features two arms for cats to grab and climb. Sturdy square bases prevent tipping. Measures 20" L x 20" W x 22 3/4" H. Includes a packet of catnip to scent plush for added appeal! Express shipping is not available for this item.

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    flowericongrey Or the Kitty’s Garden - Your meower will mow down this lush, green garden, which contains separate compartments for four different types of grasses: oats, wheat, rye and barley.

    flowericongrey Ot the FauxFur-Lined Wall Barrel - Your cat can lie on, and in, this cozy barrel of fun. The fluffy faux fur lining provides a snuggly hideaway for your feline, while the

    durable cotton corduroy exterior entices plenty of claw scratching action.

    flowericongrey ITCHYKNEE FAUX FUR LINED WALL BARREL An indoor tree branch, lay on it, lay in it. Cats love to climb and hide, and our wall barrel perfectly combines both of these activities. Upholstered in durable, cottons, wools, corduroys and designer faux furs, it's also a great place to take a nap after all of that exercise.

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    flowericongrey J&G Labs' Odor Free for Cats -

    Gone are Smelly Small Pet Odors from Litter Boxes, Cages, Carpet and Furniture...

    Before They Begin!

    Within 30 Days, 95% to 100%
    Of Pet Odors Are Eliminated!
    In 45 to 60 Days, Stool Eating And Yellow Lawn Stains Are Eliminated!
    Great Flavors Pets Love!
    Active ingredient: Mojave Yucca, With Its Natural Odor-Reduction Qualities.
    Veterinarian Recommended.
    Promotes A Healthy,

    Shiny Coat.

    flowericongrey Cat-TV
    (Order Code
    $19.95 + $4.00 S&H.

    "Two Paws Up!"
    The video program for your feline to watch!  Fun for your Cat! 30 Minutes. Squirrels at
    play, mice dashing about, fluttering wild birds, darting fish, watching birds and much
    more! All set to the natural sounds of the wild outdoors. Your cat won't be the only
    fan of Cat-TV. The whole family will get a kick out of watching your kitty react to the
    sights and sounds of this cat loving video.
    Cat-TV is a must for tabby and family!
    Named as one of the ten best new pet products for
    1997 by Pet Product News

    As Seen On CBS and CNN Television
    As Talked About On The CBS Radio Network
    As Written About In Family Circle, Wall
    Street Journal, Associated Press

    and USA Today. Featured on "Dr. Jim's Great Pets" television program.

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