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      Cat Shows in the USA - In the US, each judge has a separate ring with cages. The cats are brought up to the judge, who removes each cat in turn and then replaces them when they are done. Spectators, including the owners of the cats are present and in the audience. The cats' owners are given a number for each cat and are responsible for getting them to the ring when they are called.

      Cat Shows in Europe - In Europe, many times the cats are all placed in undecorated cages in a hall, then the judge comes around to each cat and examines them. The owner must leave the hall while judging takes place. When all the judging is done, the results are tallied and the owners may return.

      Cat Shows in Australia - In Australia, the shows can be either "closed style" or "open style" judging. In closed shows, the cats are placed in undecorated cages with white curtains and bed, and the owners must leave the hall. The judges for each ring will examin each animal in turn and decide on awards. Then the owner may return. In open style, the owners and other spectators may stay to watch the judging, as the judges talk to them about the cats

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    flowericongrey The First Cat Show in America

    Reported by the New York  Times Sunday March 6, 1881, "Manager Bunnel stood in the center of his museum on Broadway, his hands in his hair, utterly perplexed, late last night. He was surrounded by cats in cages, cats in wooden  boxes, cats in handboxes, cats in bags, half of them yelling, spitting, and scratching, as mad as cats can be in uncomfortable quarters and in a strange place. A deep scratch on his nose and three fingers  tied up in oil  and rags told how inexperienced he was in the way of cats. As fast as the cages were completed and the cats were placed in little sections, each one alone, they settled down for the  night, and silence reigned." What a show!

    flowericongrey The first official Cat Show in Great Britain

    took place at the Crystal palace in London on the 13th of July 1871. It was organized by writer,  artist and cat lover and show manager Harrison Weir. The show was held on a Thursday not the familiar Saturday we know today. There were 25 classes for Eastern and other Foreign breeds as well as native British varieties. The first shows to be held by any of the present day clubs was held by The National Cat Club in 1887 followed by The Scottish Cat Club in 1894. Shows had to be abandoned during the years of the First and Second World Wars so the National Cat Club's Centenary Show was held in December 1996

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    flowericongrey World Cat Congress

    The World Cat Congress was established to promote better understanding and co-operation among the world's major cat associations in matters of mutual interest and concern such as cat legislation and feline welfare which affects all cat lovers, from the pedigree breeder to the pet owner.

    flowericongrey Members

    Australian Cat Federation Inc. - ACF -

    Cat Fanciers' Association - CFA  -

    Co-0rdinating Cat Council of Australia - CCC of Australia -

    Fédération Internationale Féline - FIFe -

    Governing Council of the Cat Fancy - GCCF -

    New Zealand Cat Fancy - NZCF  -

    Southern African Cat Council - SACC -

    The International Cat Association - TICA

    World Cat Federation - WCF-

     World Cat Federation - WCF in Russian -

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