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    Also called Foreign Longhair


    Jennie Robinson who owned "Neotype Cattery" in New York adopted two Foreign Chocolate - Brown Longhaired cats with golden eyes.   The first litter was born in 1969 and six kittens, chocolate brown were born.  Together with a veterinarian Jennie started a breeding program and in 1970 the ACA registered her cats as Foreign  Longhairs.

    A few of Jennie's kitten were sold to a Ms. Sigyn Lund and her Sig Tim Hil Cattery in Florida who was breeding Burmese.  She came up with breed name "Tiffany" and promoted the  breed as "Tiffany" since judges at the shows felt the name "Foreign Longhair" was too general.  Since the breed was so rare the ACA dropped it from its register.

    At one point it was suggested that  they were Burmese longhair cats and a product of British crosses between a Burmese and a Himalayan. There had been crosses between Foreign Longhairs, Angora, Havana, and Abyssinian cats. The American  Tiffany/Chantilly breed  is more likely an offshoot of one of these efforts. In Canada about the same time as Jeniie and Mrs. Lund were developing the breed, a Canadian farmer found a long-haired,  foreign chocolate brown and golden-eyed cat. She was giving birth to litter with the same appearance.  Canadian breeder rescued the off-springs and reestablished the Tiffany breed in a co-operative  effort with Jennie and Mrs. Lund.  And in the late 80's even the lost breed reappeared and is still rare, but increasing popularity.

    The former "Foreign-Longhair" is registered in the  US and Canada under the name  "Chantilly," "Tiffany," or "Chantilly/Tiffany," depending on association.

    The International Cat Association (T.I.C.A.) recognized the breed  in 1979, including the "Tiffany" name in the Burmese breed section although the cat itself was not Burmese.

    In late 1989, two Canadian breeders, a Siamese/Oriental breeder, J. De Regt  (Catkins/Millgrove) and Tiffany breeders, G & T Oraas (Purrfecta/Opurrtune) collaborated efforts to research what had been published as the breed's British origin

    Finding no evidence supporting the  theory of a Burmese ancestry, T.I.C.A. breeders requested separate status from the Burmese breed section in the early 90's. Unfortunately there was another development in Britain accepted as  "Tiffanie" which resulted in renaming by some associations. The "Tiffany" name Americans authored was selected to reflect vintage elegance and good taste after a theater from which it  originated. Canadian breeders retained that objective with the new name "Chantilly".

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    The Chantilly/Tiffany is a feline with a semi-foreign body style and a full semi-long coat. The coat is silky, soft and smooth; the lack of undercoat usually makes grooming simpler than that of cats with an undercoat. Somewhat a late bloomer, the Chantilly/Tiffany is slow to mature and usually does not come into its full stature until about two years old. The eye color of the feline intensifies with age. The head should be a broad, modified wedge with gentle curves. it should have a medium length nose and a strong, broad, short softly squared muzzle and defined but not obvious whisker pads.

    Originally found only in chocolate, today’s Tiffany/Chantilly comes in a range of colors including Chocolate, blue, cinnamon, lilac, and fawn. Accepted patterns are solid, mackerel, ticked, and spotted tabby. Color is rich; shading in solids may occur toward the underside. The overall impression of the ideal Chantilly would be a semi foreign cat of striking appearance resulting from the combination of its rich color and full, silky semi-longhair coat, plumed tail, contrasting neck ruff, and ear furnishings.

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    Type and characteristics

    Body, legs and feet

    The Chantilly/Tiffany is a  medium-size cat. Medium musculature and bones - female cats are about 6-8 pounds, male cats are about 8-10 pounds. The breed requires a rich coloration in blue, chocolate (most famous), cinnamon, lilac, in  solid and tabby patterns.


    A medium-sized head has a gently sloped nose and a short, broad muzzle.  The chin is firm and the cheek bones are broad and high.


    Preferred eye-color is golden and yellow amber. oval shaped.


    Ears are broad at the base and are medium in size, rounded tips that are tilting forward and outward.


    The tail is plumed tail


    The coat is rich colored, silky and a semi-long with a contrasting neck ruff and ears. Shedding is minimal and white spotting is not allowed.


    Chantilly/Tiffany are moderate, gentle,  loyal, close, and affectionate. They get attached to one person and don't like to be alone. Get along with children and other pets.

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