The Cat Show Game is a one of a kind online cat showing game that gives you a chance to own a cattery of Show Cats - Choose from 50 different breeds.  Watch and manage them as they grow from kitten to breed champions!

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    flowericongrey The Breeder’s Data Manager (TBDM) for Cats by Breeder Ware

    TBDM for cats is designed with the help of several top cat breeders with over 40 years experience breeding cats, and a software engineer with over 20 years experience developing "state of the art" computer software. This experience combines to produce a new generation of Windows® software for cat breeders that is complete, sophisticated, and yet very easy to use. You don't have to become a computer expert to run our software!

    We offer two versions of The Breeder's Data Manager for Cats; the Full Version and a Demo Version.

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    flowericongrey Breed Mate

    The BreedMate family of Pedigree Software Packages covers dogs, cats, horses and other animals. BreedMate and related software are a products of Wild Systems, based in Australia.

    BreedMate Pro is the ultimate tool for all animal breeders. No other product allows full customization of the database and all the forms. It comes standard with show entry forms for the US and Australia for both dogs and cats

    flowericongrey Wild Systems P/L


    Phone: +61 2 9876 3926 (Note: use International dialing code first.
    In the US dial 011 then this number, i.e. 011 61 2 9876 3926). Mobile:  +61-402 949 899

    Address: PO Box 2395, Carlingford Court, NSW, 2118, AUSTRALIA
    We market Pedigree Explorer, BreedMate, and other products all over the world.

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    Ontworpen voor de kattenfokkers en alle eigenaars van katten die door hun dieren worden geboeid, laat G-CATS u toe om alle activiteiten van uw fokkerij doeltreffend te beheren, zoals de gezondheid van uw dieren, hun deelname aan de tentoonstellingen en verkregen resultaten, uw adresboekje van fokkers en andere eigenaars van katten, dierenartsen, verenigingen, leveranciers en kopers. Tenslotte zult u de financiële aspecten van uw activiteiten kunnen beheren.

    Gebouwd op een relationele database, registreert G-CATS één keer elke informatie, zelfs wanneer zij in talrijke plaatsen van de toepassing wordt gebruikt. U zult snel waarderen hoeveel deze opvatting u tijd laat winnen en u het leven vereenvoudigt.

    Mr. Christian Desbourse
    Post Adres: Ir C. Desbourse, Dreve de la Curette 59, B-1495 Villers-la-Ville, Belgium
    Telefoon: +32 71 87 46 97
    Fax:+32 71 87 46 98

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    flowericongrey Breeders Assistant + Pedigree Assistant
    are a product of Tenset Technologies Ltd, a company based in Cambridge, UK (est. 1989). Whilst PA is a British product, it also contains customizations specifically for our friends in North America.

    flowericongrey Feline Genetics Primer -

    flowericongrey PetAdmin - The software solution for all animal boarding businesses

    PetAdmin is the Microsoft Windows software management package designed to meet the requirements of any animal boarding business, be it kennels, catteries, stables, aviaries …. in fact anywhere where animals require boarding and associated services. Establishments worldwide from the UK, Eire, Spain, South Africa, Australia and the USA, are successfully using PetAdmin to save themselves costs, time and effort and to enhance the image of their business to their own customers

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    Cat - Research Your Cat’s Pedigree Online

    at is a website created to provide a way for cat breeders to share their pedigrees with fanciers around the is a collection of searchable databases so that all interested fanciers can thoroughly research the pedigrees of the cats in their breeding programs. Each database is named after the cattery of its contributor. Database Listed by Breed

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    flowericongrey EasyPedigreeDB provides a painless and flexible way to display pedigrees publicly on a website:

    No FTP, CGI or HTML required!
    Publish pedigrees online worldwide in just a few minutes.
    Installed on your own web server or hosted for you.
    Very affordable entry-level solutions.

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