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    The Cornish Rex breed dates back to 1950 when the red & white male, Kallibunker, was born in Bodmin Moor, of Cornwall,  England. The newborn boy was covered with a thick and curly coat. Even the whiskers were curly giving Kallibunker the appearance worthy an English lord. At the time, the owner of the mother, a Mrs Ennismore, was also  breeding Rex-rabbits having the same hair structure as the kitten and therefore giving the new mutation its name: Rex cats. The distinction of Cornish became necessary when a later discovered mutation, showing a similar  coat, actually must have a different genotype. Several matings had been done between the two but all litters had contained only straight haired kittens.

    Type and characteristics


    The coat should be very short with deep, even waves or curls. Preferably covering the entire body and with a silk like feeling. Usually the coat of the head and legs is somewhat shorter and more velvet like.

    Head, ears and eyes


    The huge ears should be very high place with modified tips. Wide at base, however taller than wide, and covered with a very fine coat.


    Medium size, slightly oval in shape and wide set. Color should be clear and in keeping with color of coat.

    Body and legs

    The body should be slender, hard and  muscular.. Of medium size and with a thin neck. The long, straight legs give an impression  of a cat "standing high on legs". Paws, neatly furnished, should be dainty and oval with five toes in front and  four in back.

    Whiskers and eyebrows

    Whiskers and eyebrows should be curly and of good length.


    Long, slender and whip like: tapering from the body to  the end. Should be well covered with curls or waves.

    All colors and patterns acknowledged

    Cornish Rex Breeders and other related Links

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