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    Whether you visit us for business, pleasure or a bit of both, the Cats United International  Web site is an oasis from the ordinary, with information that caters to every cat and cat lover's whim.

    You can linger in an online "magazine" with an amazing collection of quality cat information cat life style and care, talk to sophisticated breeders that offer dazzling kittens, veterinarians can help with on-line answers to your questions, sending e-mails lets  you discuss problems, get answers to questions or tell funny stories about your cat experience. We offer to put it online for you.

    Cats United International is an international organization of cats and cat lovers.

    We welcome all kind of information as it is a way for us to know that we are actually reaching out to our visitors.

    flowericongrey  Can Anyone Help?(Please Try)

    We are trying to accommodate all requests and are trying our best  to help you get connected with people if you are in need of a new kitten, show or pet, vet-questions etc. At the moment all vet  questions are being posted here.   If you have answers for our cat friends or can help people in need of answers in any way please respond to Can Anyone Help? posted questions directly.  Thanks for your cooperation.

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