Wieland Principe degli Elfi  after:GR INT CH: Resjel degli ELfi (mother)
    CH Ulthar il Rosso degli Elfi (father)






    Written by Yvonne Hendelberg

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  • To most cat lovers the rex coat remains somewhat of a sensation, even though the mutation for wavy coat has existed for a long time. It has still not been fully clarified  how the rex, descending from our common Domestics, obtained its characteristic velvet like and wavy coattype.


     In the year of 1960 a Mrs Cox of Devonshire, England, reported having a litter  from a domestic stray cat which she had taken in. One of the male kittens, later called Kirlee,  had a coat similar to the rex mutation discovered earlier. Kirlee was soon to be engaged in breeding programs for the rexes but to everyone’s  surprise and  disappointment, all litters showed only straight haired kittens. Very soon they realized that these two mutations must have different genotypes and that no more matings should be done between them.

     Type and characteristics


    The coat should be fine and very short, with or without guard hairs. Curly or wavy,  especially on the back, sides, upper legs and tail. The under parts are often covered with a thin, down like coat which should not be misinterpreted as bareness.

    Body, neck, legs and tail

    The body should be medium sized, hard and muscular with a medium long neck. The long, slender legs give an impression of a somewhat bow legged cat with small, oval feet.


    Prominent cheekbones and full cheeks create a triangular appearance. Moderately short muzzle with a visual wedge and strong chin. The forehead curves back to a distinctively flat skull.


    Large, slightly oval in shape and wide set. Intense color preferred.


    The huge ears with slightly rounded tips should be low placed starting at a "quarter to three". Wide at base and covered with very fine hair.

    Whiskers and eyebrows

    Whiskers and eyebrows should be curly.

    All colors and patterns accepted.


    The Devon Rex is a very playful and affectionate little fellow but also demanding in  attention, especially from its owner. In general, Devons are alert and active, showing a lively interest in their surroundings.

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