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    Bambino - The Dwarf Cat  - Bambino the Italian word for “child”

    Bambinos are the deliberate hybrid of long-boned shortened dwarf cats, including the Munchkin and the extremely short-coated or hairless cats including the Sphynx, the desired results being a hairless, short cat with an athletic appearance and a gentle but lively, outgoing and affectionate personality. Bambinos are intelligent, friendly cats that are agile as their size does not hamper their movements. They respond well to being handled as they are very interactive, social cats.

    Bambino litters produce both short-legged and long-legged kittens. The only difference between the short and tall siblings are their leg lengths. Bambino long-legs are vital to the Bambino breeding program as they match the standard in every other way.

    Bambinos are currently accepted for registration in the Rare and Exotic Feline Registry (REFR) and are recognized as an experimental new breed by The International Cat Association (TICA).

    From the official site of the Bambino Cat - America’s little “Slugger”

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    TDCA Bambino Breed Standard

    Other Hybrid Cats

    Dwelf - Hybrid child of the Sphynx, Munchkin & American Curl &/or Kinkalow, Dwelf are short & hairless, with curled ears. Another breed named by Stephanie Osborne, foundation programs established by Inquizakitty, Hadakat, Holy Moly, HoBBiTcaTs, Soulekatz, Munchkinlane & several others.

    The Dwelf is a small, hairless cat with short legs and slightly curled ears. The short body, neck and legs are heavily muscled giving the cat a solid, stout appearance. The back legs may be slightly longer than the front raising the backline from the shoulders to the hips & ending with a long whip-like tail. The short legs do not hamper the mobility of the cat where they cannot jump and they can most assuredly climb!

    Dwelf Breed Standard
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    Genetta Cat

    The Genetta (GT) is a dwarf breed that is being developed using breeds such as munchkins, bengals, savannahs, DSH, and Oriental Shorthairs with the goal to create an exotic spotted or marbled dwarf cat that resembles an animal called an African Genet. The ideal Genetta should have short legs with a very long body producing a weasel-like appearance. The coat is pelt-like with dramatic spots/rosettes on light base color or a marbled pattern and the tail should be exaggerated, preferably longer than the body length, and ringed in the spotted coat varieties. Coat colors come in brown/black or silver in both spotted and marbled tabby patterns. The Genetta should have large rounded ears placed high on the head, a long neck, rounded eyes, and a weasel like muzzle with puffy nose leather. The cat should be quick moving, not inhibited by its short stature, playful, friendly, alert, confident, and very affectionate.

    The Genetta Cat was created and named by Shannon Kiley of Pawstruk Cattery in 2006. Currently, Genettas are being registered as an Experimental Breed through TICA.

    Genetta Breed Standard

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    Kinkalow - Hybrids of the Munchkin & American Curl, established in the mid-nineties by Terri Harris, Munchkinlane Cattery, Kinkalow are short, with curled ears. They are our haired dwarves & half the foundation in our Bambino & Dwelf programs. The Kinkalow do NOT carry the hairless gene!

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    Knooks - Very much in the works is our very own homegrown dwarf breed, the Knooks are being developed in HoBBiTcaTs Cattery, in association with Munchkinlane Cattery. They are short statured, with curly/kinky coats & curled ears. Hybrids of the Munchkin, American Curl/Kinkalow & LaPerm/Skookum. These Hobbitcats will NOT carry the hairless or any recessive rex genes (the LaPerm/Skookum rexing gene is Dominant!)


    Minskins are a wonderful new breed, that was developed by Paul McSorley of TRT Cattery.
    They are a hybrid breed with two combined, healthy, mutations; one dominant and one recessive. A "dominant" gene can express itself by producing some offspring which will inherit the resembling trait of the parent expressing the same gene (mutation), or trait. A "recessive" gene (mutation) can express itself only if: Both parents are expressing the same gene trait. Both parents recessively carry (mask) the gene trait.

    Minskin Breed History

    Minskin Breed Standard


    the lambkin is a hybridization of two naturally occurring mutation breeds. By
    breeding the Selkirk Rex to the Munchkin, we produce Lambkins.

    A standard Lambkin is a short statured curly coated cat. Due to the nature of both the Selkirk Rex and the Munchkin's dominate gene mutation, it is possible to create a kitten that is both short and curly coated. Because both of these natural mutations are
    dominant, only one parent needs to pass on their specific mutation to the offspring. Of course, not every kitten in the litter will be both short and curly, so sometimes we have
    "non-standard" kittens as well that are either short with a straight-hair coat or long legged and straight coated or long legged and curly. These kittens are usually spayed and
    neutered and sent to a good pet home. It is possible to get all types in the same litter and sometimes extremely difficult to get all the attributes that will make the kitten standard all rolled up into one little cat. This is one of the reasons that this new breed
    is not yet known to many people.

    Mini Pers

    The MiniPers are Tea Cup & Miniature Persians & Exotics, for those who prefer a smaller baby to hold. The MiniPers are not Achondroplastic-type dwarves, as are most of our hybrid breeds here, they are Primordial Dwarves, proportionate in all aspects, just smaller overall than a "regular" Persian or Exotic.


    Originated from Munchkin X Persian and Munchkin x Exotic Shorthair crosses combining the Persian/Exotic looks with short legs. Essentially a shortlegged Persian or Exotic. A "pure" Napoleon is 75% Persian/Exotic and 25% Munchkin. Because the short-leggedness is a dominant gene, long-legged Napoleons occur as variants.


    Munchkin x LaPerm - curly-haired Munchkin-type cat.

    Other Descriptions

    TDCA the Dwarf Cat Association - a subsidiary of The Designer Cat Association

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    News Articles about the Dwarf Breeds

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    Achondroplasia - Improper development of cartilage at the ends of the long bones, resulting in a form of congenital dwarfism

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