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    Iberian lynx: Radical moves for world's rarest cat
    By Rebecca Morelle Science reporter, BBC News

    Guillermo Lopez takes the BBC's Rebecca Morelle on the hunt for a glimpse of a wild Iberian lynx

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    Cats bring comfort and healing to the lonelyâ‘°
    Marci Kladnik/Catalyst for Cats | Posted: Thursday, December 29, 2011 12:00 am |
    Santa Ynez Valley News

    It has long been documented that pets of all kinds provide comfort, joy and even healing to their owners. This is especially true for the elderly, ill or abused children, troubled teens and prison inmates. The most serious concern for this vast portion of our population is loneliness. A cat can be the answer by providing unconditional love, an essential ingredient for a healthy, happy life.

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    MAJOR CABLE NETWORK looking for......

    Good Day, My name is Abby Koocher, I'm a Casting Director with True Entertainment, a television production company based in New York City. I came across your information and wanted to reach out with an extremely unique and exciting opportunity. We are currently casting a new cable television documentary series following the lives of puppies and kittens in their first 8 weeks of life. We want to see them first open their eyes, learn how to walk, play, eat and interact with the world! We are looking for every breed of pregnant cats and dogs to feature that are located in the Tri-state area (NY, NJ, CT) and are due to delivery between July-September 2011.   If you are interested, know someone who may be, or can help spread the word I would love to speak with you further.  The casting call is below, and please feel free to get in touch with me at 212-763-3445. We look forward to hearing from you

    !Major cable network is looking for all varieties of dogs and cats who will be giving birth to a litter between July-September of 2011. This documentary series will follow the lives of puppies and kittens in their first 8 weeks of life! Must be located in the Tri-state area (NY, NJ, CT). All breeds please apply!!! If you are interested or know someone who may be, please email with your name, contact number & email, what type of dog or cat you have, their projected due date, a few sentences about what makes your mamma dog or cat special, and a picture of them. Thanks! Best,Abby Koocher-- True Entertainment 601 West 26th Street New York, NY 212-763-3445

    Cat Olympics - A Year-Round Athletic Event for Cats - While human Olympics are held only in summer or winter, and are only  held every two years, Cat Olympics sports are held year-round, every  year. Join us in this fun and exciting picture gallery of Cat Olympics,  featuring special events, such as Mouse Hockey, Power Sleeping,  Synchronized Sleeping, Bird Watching, Relay Drinking, Compulsory  Yawning, and much, much more....very funny

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    flowericongrey The World’s Cat Museum (from the Global Cat)

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    JAPAN: Art Museum of Cats, 237 Yamate-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Japan. Private museum features paintings, art objects, antiques, and other items.
    Exhibit hours: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Info: (045) 622-0639.

    LITHUANIA: Cats Museum, Young Naturalists' Center, 18 Zuvininku St., Siaulai, Lithuania. Exhibit hours: Wednesday to Sunday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Info: (370) 41 52 38 84

    MALAYSIA: The Cat Museum, Dewan Bandaraya Kuching Utara (Kuching North City Hall), Petra Jaya, Kuching, Malaysia. Posters, photographs, paintings, sculptures and many other art forms dedicated to cats.
    Exhibit hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily, except Monday. Info: 082-446688.

    flowericongrey NEWS: Bird Flu - A Danger to Felines?

    Reports from Germany of a cat found dead due to a highly pathogenic avian influenza virus infection have fueled concerns about the risk this emerging virus poses to cats and, subsequently, to the people who care for them. Can cats catch the bird flu? These reports, along with recent studies, say "yes." But might it also be possible for cats to get the flu from us- or for humans to get the flu from cats? The short answer is "no." None of the known strains of influenza virus are transmissible between cats and people. But these viruses are very changeable by nature, so the long answer is a bit more complex.

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    flowericongrey petcentric, brought to you by Purina - Are you petcentric? The Morning Mews Cat and Cat Lovers in the News

    Can your Cat help you get in shape? - Stranger things have happened
    Does your Cat have a Trick Wacky Enough for David Letterman’s Stupid Pet Tricks?

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    flowericongrey Hero Kitty Wins Cat of the Year Award

    A cat from the UK who has an amazing ability to sense when his owner is about to suffer an epileptic seizure has been named the Cats Protection's Rescue Cat of the Year 2006! It was a double celebration as Tee Cee also won the Hero Cat title, which recognizes brave cats that help to save the day.

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    flowericongrey The Meow Mix Gold Medal Games

    The Meow Mix Gold Medal Games is an eight-city tour where cat lovers strut their stuff in a variety of fun events, all based around the theme of “keeping cats happy.”  Contestants will test their skills in games that simulate activities they would normally do for their cats, such as feeding them, removing hairballs, cleaning out a litterbox, and playing with a ball of yarn.  

    At each stop on the tour, Meow Mix will partner with a local animal shelter or foster group, and donate one pound of Meow Mix® brand cat food to that organization for each person who participates in the Gold Medal Games.   In addition, Meow Mix is using the Gold Medal Games as a platform to promote cat adoption, and each local partner will be present at the event with cats looking for permanent homes.

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    flowericongrey Online Dating Pet Lovers at Date My Pet - Date Me - Date My Pet

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    flowericongrey On the streets of Cairo, saving the gods' cats - MSNBC Article

    Finding new homes

    Lauris was helped in her mission by family circumstances. Soon after her first visit, her husband got a job in nearby Saudi Arabia and they relocated from Canada to Egypt, buying a building in Cairo with enough room downstairs for a cat shelter.

    "Things just miraculously fell into place,” she said in what is now the lobby of the Egyptian Mau Rescue Organization. "This is just one year after I saw the cats on the street." Now three rooms house about 25 cats, grouped by age.

    In the first room are restless adolescents playing with makeshift toys; in the second, adult cats fuss and purr; and in the last room, single kittens roam freely or nursing kittens are kept in cages with their mothers.

    Although the cats are not pedigreed, Lauris already has helped place 16 in Canada, Germany, the U.S. and Cairo. Seven more are awaiting trips to new homes abroad. Lauris is also helping other Cairo cat shelters find homes for their Maus by listing their cats or referring potential clients to their Internet sites.

    Prospective owners have to pay the cost of preparing cats for shipping (required vaccinations, blood-tests, paperwork, etc.) and shipping charges, but EMRO is not hearing complaints about the fees. For instance, Ann Van Den Bossche, a market researcher who has adopted a handsome pair of Maus and is trying to get a third for her mother, says that pedigreed Maus cost up to $6,000 in her native Belgium.

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    flowericongrey Shipping Pets Overseas - A personal “tail”

    It all started when my wife and I decided we were going to move back to Sweden, her homeland. We were in New Zealand at the time, so that’s about as far away as we could possibly move without leaving the planet.

    About 4 months beforehand we’d taken in a couple of kittens from the local animal shelter. They’d grown to become very much part of the family so we decided to take them with us even though we knew it was going to be expensive to ship our pets overseas and they were still young enough to find a new home easily. I’d worked in the airfreight business some years earlier so I was confident of what to expect and what we’d have to pay for transporting animals.

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    flowericongrey Moving House with a Cat

    by Sarah Hartwell (

    Moving home can be a traumatic experience for a cat. A frightened cat, unused to upheavals or disoriented by a house move, risks straying during or after a move. Every year, thousands of cats become strays when their owners move house. Make sure your cat isn't one of them.

    Before moving, check that local restrictions allow you to own cats in your new home. They may restrict how many you can keep and whether they must be kept indoors. If you are moving abroad, you must arrange shipping for your cat and check for quarantine requirements and entry vaccinations. If you discover you can't take your cat with you, make arrangements to re-home him as soon as possible. This may cause heartbreak, but waiting till the last moment may mean he can't be re-homed and has to be euthanized.

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    flowericongrey Interesting News

    Archaeologists recently discovered that an Andean civilization from 4,000 years ago. The objects, made of finely polished stone, represented felines, condors and snakes. Archaeologists believe the decorative carvings were used as ceremonial offerings to appease the gods. Similar objects were also found at early sites in Peru. It is likely that people in ancient South America revered cats for their rodent-killing skills just as the early Egyptians did.

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