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    We welcome all kind of questions regarding cats and information as it is a way for us to know that we are actually reaching out to our visitors, and have you the experts responding!

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    I have a pastel grey manx female that gave birth to five beautiful kittens. only two of them were tailless, or from what i have been reading are stumpies. all are very healthy, strong, affectionate, smart, and very playful and quick. I would like to find out information on how to register them so i can start breeding them and start selling them. is there any way to register her and how do i go about doing it? oh, and by the way, her mother was a manx {she got ran over}, and the two 14 week old kittens are both females. can anyone help me with informaiton on this subject? thank you!

    FAQ on Bahavior

    A large percentage of questions I receive by email or on the About Cats Forum are those concerning cat behavior. Many so-called "behavioral problems" result from the cat owners simply not understanding what cats are trying to tell us. And often cats' behavioral "quirks" are their most endearing traits.

    FAQ on Cat Care

    Questions about cat care run the gamut, from "How can we make moving easier for our cats?" to "What kind of flea shampoo is safe for kittens?" to "How do I know when it's time to let my cat go?" I've assembled a number of these FAQs together to help you with your own questions about cat care.

    FAQ on Cat Food

    Some of the most often asked questions I receive are about cat food: feeding habits, schedules, what kinds of food to give cats, even what kind of cat food dishes to use. Listed here are commonly-asked questions about cat food and nutrition.

    FAQ About Litter, Litter Boxes & Habits

    Judging by the number of questions I receive on litter boxes, litter, and litter box avoidance problems,this is an area of huge concern to cat owners. Herein are my answers to frequently asked questions about litter box matters.

    FAQ about Pregnancy & Reproduction

    Some of the most commonly-asked questions about cat behavior, health, and other feline matters can be found here. If you can't find your own particular area of concern listed here, also check the Cats Forums. The forum community will be glad to welcome you and give you sound advice from their accumulated years of cat management.


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