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    Very much an artificial created type of breed.  Solid colored cats of Siamese type have been seen for many years  and have not been popular until the 1950s. Experimental matings took place between Siamese and Russian Blues and led to the development of the Havana.

    Type and characteristics


    The Havana is one of the few breeds of brown cats and is sometimes confused with the Brown Burmese.  Rich warm brown with the brown nose leather  and pinkish brown paw pads. 

    Body, neck, legs and tail

    The body should long sleek and muscular with proportionately long slender legs.


     Should be long and, in profile straight without stop or dip.


    The ears are large with good width in-between face and should give  the appearance of  a triangle


    The cats are basically Siamese cats with the same temperament.  They are outgoing personalities that demand a lot of attention.  They want to  be involved in your daily activities, share your bed, love to play retrieving games.  They do not like to be left alone for too long.

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    Havana Brown Breeder Experience


    Chocolate and the dilute color of Lilac (allowed in some
    organizations)  I know as I am specifically breeding for Lilac.  TICA is one
    organization that allows for Lilac.  This is a genetic possibility as the
    Russian Blue was used in the original breeding programs.   The Lilac coat may
    be a little plusher.  These standards are published on the TICA webpage. 
    Ghost tabby markings are allowed in the showcat up to the age of 1 year. 


    Green, the deeper the better.


    Large and well set up on head.  Gives an alert look.


    Unique in that the head is somewhat rounded with the muzzle set upon
    it like a corncob.  The chin should be squared off.  There should be a
    whisker pinch or break.  There should be a definite stop where the nose meets
    the head at the level of the eyes. 


    Degrees of  verbalizing.  They tend to respond if you start talking
    to them and respond when they verbalize.

    Purrsonality/personality:  Very loving, will help you do anything.  If there
    is a noise in the house.. and the Havana did not cause it....they will go to
    see what happened, not run from it.  Very curious and very good with the
    feet.  They use their feet to make contact with you.  Generally they like to
    sleep next to you with a foot touching you.  Also very good at opening things
    with the feet.  Will pat you with the feet to get your attention for
    affection.  Love to play.  And will eat just about anything.  So watch your

    If you have any other questions, I would love to help.

    Susan Hamrick
    Timeheart Havanas
    608 Sumac Lane
    Lewisville, NC  27023

    Havanna Brown Breeders and other related Links

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