Flag and country information - Republic of HUNGARY

    Area - 93,032 sq km / 35,910 sq ml
    Capital - Budapest
    Language - Hungarian
    Currency - Forint
    Population - 10,045,407

    Associations, Clubs, Rings

    FIFe National Breed Clubs -


    FAMKAT was established in 1980 to promote the breeding of purebred cats in Hungary as well as to disseminate knowledge about the behaviour, health, care of cats in general.
    It has established a Fundation for Cats with the aim of building a shelter for cats. Currently the Foundation is engaged in fund raising activities

    FAMKAT was the first society to stage the first American Ring for its international cat show in 1987 with the late ACFA Judge Tony Morace judging the cats that were entered by exhibitors from 11 European countries.


    President: Ms Erika László
    Vice-President: Ms Ilona Dobi
    General Secretary: Ms Magdolna Vadász

    Postal address:
    Budapest, Frankel Leó utca 1.
    1027 Hungary
    Phone: 36-1-316-8298

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