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    Originating from Japan,  where it is known as the "Mi-Ke" it is considered a symbol of friendship and hospitality.

    Type and characteristics


    Traditionally black, white or red or tortie and white, but many other colors are also accepted. The fur should radiate to give the effect of a well clipped  poodle.  The coat should be of medium length, soft and silky. little undercoat.

    Body, neck, legs and tail

    The cat should be medium sized and slender. Male proportionally larger than  females.  It should feel muscular.  The hind legs are longer than the front legs.  The tail should be carried upright.


     The head should be similar in shape to that of a Siamese, a triangle from the ear to the nose.


    The eyes are large, oval and slanting, wide and alert. The eyeball should not bulge  out beyond the cheekbone or the forehead.


    The ears should be large, upright, and set wide apart.


    This is a friendly breed and a perfect pet.   The cat is intelligent and has a sweet disposition.  It loves human company and gets well along with other animals..

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    Japanese Bobtail Breeders and other related Links

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