Basic tips on what you should know to give the cat you chose a happy start.

    So you have a new addition?....Now what?


    Newly adopted kittens and cats should always receive an initial examination with your vet. Your vet will thoroughly examine your kitty and determine her overall health condition as well as provide you the options of having additional tests performed, such as a fecal exam to test for parasites or diseases such as Coccidiosis, Giardia, and other gastrointestinal problems. At this time, he will offer to de-worm your kitty. It is always a good idea to have this done to prevent parasitic infestation and malnourishment.

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    flowericongrey Kitten Care 1 : Vitals, Nutrition, Development, Determining Gender, Feeding

    Raising a healthy kitten ... At some point, you may find yourself in a situation where you are raising and nurturing an orphaned kitten

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    flowericongrey Kitten Toilet Training -Never scoop litter again

    Products to assist you in toilet training your cat
    The advantages of cat toilet training
    How to toilet train a cat (do it yourself) etc.

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    flowericongrey Cat Urine Remover -

    flowericongrey  Do Cats Feel Love?

    Science tells us only humans have emotions. Animals have instinct. A cat shows affection to you because he needs you for his own safety, security and survival. You give the cat what he needs, his instinct tells him to buddy up to you.

    No one can “prove” that a cat feels love anymore than it can be proven that a person feels love. Love is one of those things that cannot be proven.

    What is love anyway? Here are some Merriam-Webster Dictionary definitions:

    1. strong affection

    2. warm attachment

    3. unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for others

    Cats, of course, show affection—other than just when a meal is about to be served. Unless a cat has had a traumatic history with humans, she will seek out her owner for affection in the form of play, stroking or perhaps a chat.

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    flowericongrey Is your house cat proof?

    • Check your plants - Get a list of plants that are poisonous
      Non poisonous plants for cat -
    • Is Potpourri a Hazard to Cats -
    • Hide your electrical cords, wrap them and hide the cords behind furniture.
    • Get your breakable priced possessions out of cat reach.
    • Hide things that could be dangerous for your new family member.
    • Declawing Your Cat -
    • Cats and Fleas - Cats and Flea Control Products - by Jill A. Richardson, DVM
      Veterinary Poison Information Specialist, ASPCA/National Animal Poison Control Center -
    • A PRACTICAL APPROACH TO FELINE HOUSESOILING by Susan Little, DWM - The most common behavioural complaint about cats presented to animal behaviour consultants in North America is house-soiling. -

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      flowericongrey Remove all small "stuff" like:
    • Pins
      Paper Clips
      Thumb Tacks
      Sewing Accessories
      Rubber bands
      Dental Floss

      flowericongrey Your personal drugs - do not administer people drugs to animals before consulting a vet.

      flowericongrey Chemicals

      Drain cleaner
      Furnish Polish
      Hair color

      flowericongrey Appliances - never let any cat close to your washer and dryer - double check before starting!

      flowericongrey Will you let your cat outside?

      Consider identification

    • Tattoos - An identifying number is tattoot on the right inner thigh of the cat. Consider your phone number, social security number or driver's license. Remember: it must be seen to be effective. If you do this through an agency it must be accompanied by a collar with the agencies phone number.
    • Microchips - a rice-size implant is injected between the shoulder blades by your vet or through a local shelter. If read by a scanner the owners information is visible. This version is permanent.
    • Ear Tags - looks like a pierced earring and are inscribed with an ID number. Installed with an earring gun. Easy to see. The cat can't remove it.

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