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    (Jean Firth)

    How long have I been here alone?
    This petshop window as my home,
    Confined in this small cage,
    I only know it seems an age,
    Since I was wrenched from all I'd known,
    To face the world, afraid, alone.
    To be, like hardware, toys or trash,
    Sold to someone strange for cash,
    Meanwhile to only know the hell,
    Of living in a wire cell,
    Where I can only lie and pant,
    As through the window, sunrays slant
    To flood my cage, of wire made,
    No corner cool to offer shade
    Where I can lie and note the ways
    Of people as they stop to gaze.
    Some point a finger, other smile,
    Some stand and study me a while,
    Some hurry by or coldly stare,
    And plainly show their lack of care.
    Then closing time, the shop folks gone,
    I face the night, so drear and long,
    When, still within my cage, I lie,
    And dream of days not long gone by,
    When I had mother, sisters too,
    And life was good and all was new,
    With space around me and above,
    And all was warmth and all was love.
    Life could not always be such bliss,
    Perhaps, but Lord! Not this. Not this.
    Won't someone sigh as they pass by?
    Won't someone cry? Won't someone buy?
    Won't someone there do more than stare?
    Won't someone, God of kittens, care?

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    flowericongrey CANADA  - From The Ottawa Citizen - While operators of puppy and kitten mills in Ontario

    will soon face fines of $60,000 and jail terms of up to two years when a law passed at Queen's Park takes effect, Quebec remains a haven for mill operators because the province has no laws to stop mill operators.

    "We think the new law is wonderful, and we are very envious, but it doesn't solve the problem," says Pierre Barnoti, executive director of the Quebec Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

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    flowericongrey  Puppy/Kitten Mills

    Puppy and kitten mills are commercial kennels that mass-produce dogs and cats in squalid, overcrowded cages, without proper veterinary care, shelter from heat or cold, or adequate food and water. There are no laws regulating the operations of breeders or breeding facilities. Animals bred in these facilities are forced to breed heat cycle after heat cycle often leading to severe reproductive disease and illness. Substandard care and attention are given to these animals since puppy and kitten mill owners care more about profit than the health of the animals.

    For more information on how to help end this nationwide epidemic, please visit:

    PAWS Puppy Mill Fact Sheet -

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    flowericongrey What is a Kitten Mill you ask?

    Well, a Kitten Mill is the Cat version of a Puppy Mill. In both cases, an animal or animals are mass bred for profit. The animals usually live in squaller conditions, with little or no human contact. Most cats are bred till infection and or disease requires them to be put down. They live sad unhappy, unloved lives.

    While no one actually admits to being an owner of a Kitten Mill, you can usually spot them by browsing the classifieds. They will have ads that state their cats have NO papers in the CFA or other Noted Cat Registration and usually produce kittens year round. Sometimes their cats and kittens can go for as little as $50 and I've seen them go as much as $700 -- BUYER BEWARE!! I suggest you avoid these Kitten Mill Breeders like the Plague, if you are going to buy a cat from someone like that, PLEASE get all the facts. Ask for vet records and do not accept the, "I can't find them" or the "I usually let the new owners take care of that" excuse. If they want to raise healthy Cats, they will have a complete set of Vaccines, a good healthy diet and good socialization. Once you throw that into the equation, you will find out just what type of breeding program this person is running. Is it for care for for profit?!!

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    flowericongrey Info on choosing a cat and backyard breeders -

    flowericongrey A Kitten Mill Rescue Story -

    flowericongrey Main Coon Kitten Mill, Backyard Breeder - I’ve seen these terms come up like “ I’m not a kitten mill......

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    flowericongrey Kitten Mills/ Backyard Breeding/Unethical Breeders

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    flowericongrey A Kitten Mill Is A Kitten Mill....Or is it? - by Anna Sadler, Brannaway Persians

    To the animal rights radicals, anyone who purpose breeds a cat is likely to be described as a kitten mill. To many animal welfare agencies, someone who breeds more than one or two litters a year will probably be a kitten mill. Cat fanciers will point at commercial breeders who supply pet shops as kitten mills, one and all.

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    flowericongrey  Back Yard Breeders and Kitten Mills by
    Lynne Thomas - Shaineh Cattery -

    flowericongrey What is a BYB? Anyone who breeds cats and can answer  yes to one or more of the following;

    - someone who breeds unregistered purebred cats who sells them as purebreds without papers.
    - someone who is looking for a quick buck
    - someone who drastically undercuts the price of registered purebred cats
    - someone who does not care who buys their kittens or for what purpose
    - someone who lets kittens go at seven weeks or younger so  that they do not have to spend any money on vaccinations (nor do they have to approach a vet and admit to what they are doing)
    - someone who does not offer a health guarantee, contract or even take the  phone number of kitten buyers
    - someone who will place their kittens for sale in pet stores
    - someone who has no thought or care to good feline husbandry
    - someone who has no thought or care to genetic good health or defects

    flowericongrey What is a Kitten Mill? Anyone who breeds purebred registered cats and can answer yes to one or more of the same criteria as above.

    flowericongrey what about kittens mills??

    Question: Are there kittens mill?? Where is a good site to find more info on kitten mills. Or where can i get good information on kitten mills


    As long as we pay $500 dollars for a 'purebred' aka inbred cat instead of getting free ones from the paper, we will have kitten mills. Same goes for any animal.

    Check with PETA or the Humane Society. Please, do not support kitten mills

    Other Answers:

    Not as many people will pay big bucks for a cat as they will for a dog. There are probably poor catteries that overproduce, but probably not too many true "kitten mills".

    Heck, look at all the people on here that let their cat have litter after litter. They are cat mills! They just keep making more poor quality kittens that don't get much care.

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