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    " The hairs are smooth,
    with roots like clouds and tips like silver.
    The eyes shine like dew drops on a lotus  leaf"

    -from the Abbot's "Tamara Maew"
    translated by Khun Prasit Sahakorn

    The Korat breed is very old and was already described during the Ayutha-period, 1350-1767 after Christ. It was his Royal Highness King Rama V who  noticed the beautiful breed and gave it the name Korat, a word which could be easily pronounced by foreigners.

    The first Korats already arrived in the USA in 1959 but due to the very strict rules of  quarantine breeding in Europe was difficult and time consuming. The regulations demanded 4-6 months of quarantine but this could not stop the Korat from conquering new domains and finally becoming acknowledged by the FIFĂ©  association in 1981.

    General type and characteristics

    Body, legs and feet

    The Korat should be of medium size with a muscular, powerful body but not heavily built. The back is to be curved with legs in proportion  to body. The hind legs should be slightly higher than front legs. Paws should be oval in shape with dark blue-gray to lavender paw pads. The tail should be medium long and tapering towards a rounded tip.


    Viewed from the front the head should be heart-shaped with breadth between and across the eyes. The length should be in proportion to the face with a slight but visual stop in profile. The chin should be well developed and forming the bottom of the heart-shape.


    The eyes should be large, round and luminous with an open expression. Brilliant green is preferred but amber permissible.


    The ears should be quite large in size with the inside slightly covered with very short hair. They should be broad at base and set high with slightly rounded tips.


    The coat  should be short to medium length and lying close to the body. It should be silver blue-gray with hairs tipped with well pronounced silver. The coat should be inclined to break over the spine as the cat moves.


    The Korat is a very friendly car suitable for almost any family setting. The Korat is intelligent, curious and humoristic to it's nature. It appreciates games like fetch and hide-and-seek  and quite easily learns to open doors, cupboards etc. The Korat however, is maybe not suitable for breeding on a large scale since it is somewhat demanding in both physical activity and attention and especially from its  owner.

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     Korat Breeders and other related Links

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