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    The LaPerm has achieved Championship status in CFA!


    All LaPerm cats trace  their pedigrees to "Curly", a female cat found by the founder of the breed, Linda Koehl in 1982 at her home in Oregon. The LaPerm, a naturally occurring mutation, comes in both longhair and  shorthair varieties. It is a medium sized cat. The gene causing the coat to curl is a dominant gene. LaPerms are generally quiet voiced, but may be vocal when wanting attention. The LaPerm is a working cat  on the farm, they are excellent hunters as well as great companions.

    General type and characteristics

    Body, legs and feet

    This is a smaller breed, about 5-6 lbs. for females and  about 7-8 lbs. for males. Semi-foreign.medium size. The back is not level, and the bones are of medium size and well muscled..Shorthaired and wavy hair. Curly plumed tail. The fore legs are shorter than hind  legs.


    Broad modified wedge, with rounded contours. The head is of medium size in proportion to the body.  The nose is moderate in length, slightly concave  curved   High cheek bones and a firm chin


    Almond shaped eyes, large, expressive, and placed moderately apart.  The eyes are slanted toward the base of the ear.


    The ears are wide at the base with rounded tips. Medium in size. Moderately wide apart. Curly tufts with curly ear muffs at bottom of ear.


    The coat has a soft texture. The coat may vary in length and fullness, according to the season and the age of the cat. Both males and females have a full ruff on the neck at maturity. The coat is  of medium length, semi-longhair, with ring-type curls.  The tightest curls are on the underside of the neck and at the base of the ears.  The cat has a curly, plumed tail.  The shorthair type  coat is soft and wavy over the shoulders, back and undersides.

    LaPerms also come in every color and coat type.

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    LaPerm Breeders and other related Links

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    CFA Breed Standard:

    The LaPerm is eligible to be shown in the Miscellaneous Class.

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