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    As the name suggest the Maine Coon was first noticed in the State of Maine and was first recorded in 1861 with mentioning of "Capten  Jenks".Folklore has it , because of the dark, tabby coat and bushy tail, the semi-wild cats mated with racoons - hence the name, Main Coon.

    It is one of the oldest natural breed of North America and through the years a number of legends concerning its origin have come up. One  of these legends suggests that Marie Antoinette when planning to escape the French Revolution, sent her cats to be cared for in the United  States and that these "French" cats  would be the ancestors of the breed.

    Today many of the breeders believe the Maine Coon to originate from crossings between early Angoras and shorthaired  domestic cats.

    The  Maine Coon is a hardy cat with a shaggy, semi-longhaired coat. It is one of the largest breeds, with a weight around (11 -15lbs - 5-7kg).

    These cats were first exhibited 1895 and are today  a very popular breed both in the USA and Europe.

    Type and characteristics

    Body, legs and feet

    The body is long, muscular and well developed. Substantial legs  in proportion.  Males weigh between 12 to 18 lbs. Females 8 to 12 lbs.


    Width: medium, broader in older cats.
    Cheek bones high.
    Long nose with little or no break.


    Big eyes, slightly oval, wide set, alert. White cats may have blue eyes, all other cats must have, copper, green, golden, any combination acceptable.


    Long and large  ears, not to appear low on the head.  Wide base, taper point, well tufted.


    Long and full. Held high when moving.


    Short on shoulders, gradually  longer toward the tail.  Shaggy, heavy coat, thick and fine texture. Side fur gradually longer.


    Many people consider the Maine Coon to be the perfect  domestic pet having a clown-like personality, amusing habits and tricks and an easily groomed cat. Well suited for family life.

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     Main Coon Breeders and other related Links

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