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    Nebelung History by Cora Cobb

    One could say that Siegfried and Brunhilde, the first Nebelungs, were the inspiration for the breed, because it would not have been started without them. When Siegfried was born in August 1984, I never dreamed I would found a new breed of cat.

    Siegfried’s mother was Elsa, a black Domestic Shorthair belonging to my son, Karl and his father was a cat which looked like a Russian Blue. Although I knew that Elsa’s father was a longhair (resembling a black Angora), I was surprised to find that, out of a litter of six black and blue shorthairs, one was a blue longhair. He was big and outstandingly beautiful, with the long legs, long tail and distinctive features of the Russian Blue combined with medium long hair. I decided he must become my cat and named him Siegfried.

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    Nebelheim Cattery
    Cora Cobb,
    Denver, Colorado, USA

    Nebelung - Creature of Mist - Also called a long-haired Russian Blue

    Type and characteristics

    The breed was officially recognized by The International Cat Association (TICA) in 1987 under the 'new breeds' category, and achieved full recognition as a Championship breed in 1997. They are not recognized as a breed in the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), in N America. The Nebelung is recognized by many smaller cat registries/associations throughout Europe and also the World Cat Federation (WCF), as they mimic the natural, long established Russian Blue except for coat length.

    Body, Legs, Feet & Tail

    Medium sized cat, medium strong and muscular build, graceful in outline and appearance; long and slender neck, long legs, paws narrow and oval. Legs long with medium bones. Long tail, slightly rounded tip. Dense plumy tail.


    Skull medium long and flat shaped; in profile forehead and straight nose meet at a convex angle level with the eyebrows. More pointed than rounded. Prominent whisker pads; strong chin.


    Large pointed; slightly tilted forward , set well apart . Inside ear with little furnishing, so that the ear looks thin and almost transparent.


    Large almond, set wide apart. Most Nebelungs have green eyes, though some are yellow. They usually turn green as the cat matures.


    Medium-haired cat breed with a medium-long coat. Their fur must be "blue" (a term of art for a slightly blue-tinted grey) tipped with silver lustrous sheen.


    Nebelung are intelligent cats, well mannered and fastidious, with quiet voices to match their gentle demeanor. Owners describe them as shy yet affectionate.

    Nebelung Breeders and other related Links

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