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    The Norwegian Forest Cat or Norsk Skogskatt is a Scandinavian breed but bears a passing resemblance to the Maine Coon. The Norwegian  Forest Cat evolved in the cold climate of Norway and through generations of living developed the heavy, weather resistant coat.

    In the 1930' a group of breeders began to develop the pedigree breed from hardy outdoor
    cats. The breed itself goes back much further than  this.

    The Norwegian Forest Cat achieved champion status in FIFE in 1977 and has become a very popular breed throughout Europe. The difference between the Norwegian Forest Cat and the Maine Coon are that the  Norwegian Forest Cat should have the back legs  some what longer than the front legs and the double coat which  in the Maine Coon breed standard is permitted but not specified.

    Type and characteristics

    Body, legs and feet

    This is a big strong breed of cat. The body and legs are long. The back-legs should be higher than the forelegs.


    The head should be roughly triangular in shape, with high-set  large ears The nose should be straight. The profile be straight with a strong chin.


    The eyes should be large and set at an oblique or almond shaped.


    The ears should  be high-set and large with good width at the base. The tip should be tufted with long hair seen out of the ear.


    The tail should be bushy, long enough that it reaches the neck.


    The coat is semi-long, with a glossy waterproof overcoat and should display a 'ruff' around the neck.


    The Norwegian Forest Cat is a perfect family member being good natured  and  seems to enjoy human company. The breed id considered intelligent and can be very playful enjoying games like "fetch" and "hide and seek". However at some time the cat had a strong steak of  independence. It is a good hunter, and with its thick coat enjoys being outside. They have the ability to climb up rock faces, they are elegant and energetic.

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    Norwegian Breeders and other related Links

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