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    In the early 1960s an American  breeder tried to create a Siamese cat with Abyssinian points.  The litters produced the desired pattern, but also assorted pattern of tabbies and one spotted kitten called "Tonga" which became the first Ocicat.

    Type and characteristics


    The coat is short, spotted, and tight  with a satin sheen.

    Body, neck, legs and tail

    The Ocicat should be medium to large,  and give an athletic appearance with a muscled body.


    The head is a modified wedge with a broad muzzle with a hint of squareness to the jaw.  There should be no visible nose break in profile.  The chin should be strong and the jaw firm without signs of over- or undershot.


    The eyes should be large and set wide apart, almond shaped with a good  depth of color.   


    The ears are quite large and set apart and should not be too high or low.  Ear tufts are preferred and are a bonus, they should extend vertically from  the tip of the ear.


    This breed has been genetically manufactured to create a wild looking cat, but its temperament and disposition is that of a domestic, intelligent and  playful.

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    Ocicat Breeders and other related Links

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