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    The Oriental is an artificially breed cat.  Orientals are today recognized in 10 different colors and associated 10 different tortie colors. Orientals are basically Siamese  cats but without the Himalayan color in their coats

    Type and characteristics


    The standard coat color pattern requires the shape and type of cat to be exactly the same  as that of the Siamese.

    Body, neck, legs and tail

    A medium sized cat, firm and muscular, slender and elegant, but heavy.


    The eye color varies to  complement the coat color and should show typical Oriental slant.


    The ears should be wide apart, when viewed from the front and should give the appearance of a triangle from the tip of the two  ears down to the point of the nose. The nose should be straight in profile.


    Outgoing personalities similar to the Siamese cat with loud voices and demand a lot of a  attention.

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    Oriental Breeders and other related Links

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