It is difficult to obtain the friendship of a cat. It is a philosophic animal, strange, holding to its habits, friend of order and cleanliness and one that does not place its affections thoughtlessly. It wishes only to be your friend (if you are worthy) and not your slave. It retains its free will and will do nothing for that it considers unreasonable.

Thophile Gautier





    Thank Heavens for Cats ....and the people who love them

    Cats as a class have never been completely got over the snootiness caused by the fact that in ancient Egypt they were worshipped as gods .      P.G. Wodehouse

    Ailurophilia is the "love of cats."

    Cruel, but composed and bland,
    Dumb, inscrutable but grand,
    So Tiberius might have sat,
    Had Tiberius been a cat.

     - Matthew Arnold, poet and educator

    Cat owners 'more educated than dog owners'

    Cats have long been thought to be cleverer than dogs - and now it seems the same is true of their owners. By Matthew Moore

    The combined cat and dog population of Britain is more than 20.8 million, 50 per cent higher than previously thought

    People with cats are more likely to have university degrees than those with dogs, according to a scientific survey of pet ownership.

    The study also revealed that the combined cat and dog population of Britain is more than 20.8 million - 50 per cent higher than previously thought.

    Researchers at the University of Bristol say that the superior intelligence of cat owners is unlikely to be caused by their exposure to the famously cunning and selfish pets.

    Rather, more educated people tend to work longer hours and choose a pet to fit their lifestyles. Unlike dogs, cats require no walking and can manage with little human company.

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    Owning a cat is a big responsibility

    Did you know the maximum life span of a
    cat is estimated to be about 25-30 years & yet the
    average cat lives only approximately 14 years.

    The new cat owner is responsible for the cats health, it's food, behavior and interaction with other animals and people.

    Cats United has collected lots of information and we hope you find what you are looking for, otherwise please send us an e-mail and we will help and find it for you.

    72.6 million pet cats in the U.S. in 1999. That's an increase of 1.5% and 2% respectively over 1998.

    About 36 percent of U.S. households have at least one dog, and about 30 percent have at least one cat, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association.

    flowericongrey Become an informed Breeder - Don’t be an uninformed breeder

    As an experienced breeder for 20 years, Jasmine Kinnear reveals her secrets for success. Her book dives into the practical and ethical issues that arise when breeding, raising
    and selling pedigree cats. - This popular book has 112 pages of invaluable information that will both inform and educate the reader. It also contains an indepth Glossary of Breeder Jargon. You will find the information quite useful when communicating with established breeders and in the running of your cattery. You may also discover a few jewels of wisdom

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    flowericongrey Supplies That Every Cat Household Needs

    Outfitting a house for a new cat isn't nearly as complicated as it may seem. Just a little advance thought will help make the newcomer feel at home and welcome in strange new surroundings.

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    flowericongrey From The Daily Cat: Cats are from Venus, Dogs are from Mars

    Cats and dogs seem worlds apart. But are they really all that different, and can they live together harmoniously in your household? Here, experts share their thoughts and provide tips on how to prevent the fur from flying.

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    flowericongrey What cats do for us

    Warm our laps
    Give us someone to talk to
    Help reduce high blood pressure
    Create a "kindred" feeling with other cat people
    Turn common household objects into cat toys
    Make us more aware of birds
    Donate their services as alarm clocks
    Display daring acrobatic feats in front of our eyes
    Contribute to living a longer life
    Make a window sill more beautiful
    Keep mice on the run
    Make us smile
    Inspire Poets and Playwrights
    Teach us how to land on our feet
    Let us indulge our desires to spoil someone
    Make our homes warmer
    Remind us that our life is mysterious
    Share with us the all-is-well purring experience
    Instruct us in the luxurious art of stretching
    Show us how to lick our wounds and go on
    Give us cool cartoon characters
    Make even an old warn couch look beautiful
    Open our hearts

    Cat Owner's Prayer

    Because I'm only human,
    It's sometimes hard to be
    The wise, all-knowing creature
    That my cat expects of me.

    And so I pray for special help
    To somehow understand
    The subtle implications
    Of each proud meowed command.

    Oh, let me not forget that chairs
    Were put on earth to shred;
    And what I like to call a lap
    Is actually a bed.

    I know it's really lots to ask
    But please, oh please, take pity;
    And though I'm only human,
    Make me worthy of my kitty!

    Author Unknown

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    flowericongrey Fun  - Tail Twisters for Cat People

    Questions and Answers from the Daily Cat
    Have Fun and Learn :

    Cats purr not only when they are content as most people believe. Cats purr when they are sick, in pain, in labor or  dying.

    Normal cats sleep 2/3's of their life away

    flowericongrey Getting your First Cat

    Getting your first cat or kitten can be a huge step for a "Cat Newbie." These helpful articles and resources will help you in making that all-important decision of committing to a lifetime relationship. Whether you've just adopted your first cat, or are just thinking about getting one this is the place to start.

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    flowericongreyThe New Natural Cat by Anita Frazier

    Desirable Behavior in Cats and Owners. Owner education is the key here.
    Diet - Frazier is in her element here, with loads of information, including several all-natural recipes.
    Grooming - for appearance, health and longevity, and bonding.
    Home Nursing and Health Care - essential information, since you and your veterinarian are partners in your cat's health.
    A Guide to Common Health Problems - extensive, well-documented section

    flowericongrey Cat Adoption Problem - Owner Education is the Key - knowing what to expect, being prepared and getting involved in your cat’s care.

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    flowericongrey The Cost of Owning a Cat - Veterinary & Aquatic Services Department, Drs. Foster & Smith, Inc

    The cost of owning a cat can be substantial and often more than people expect. ... treatment because of the failure of the owner to recognize that pets cost money.

    Cats can make great pets for the right people and are one of the favorite pets in America today. While the cost of owning a cat is much less than that of a dog, there is still a significant cost and is most likely much more than the average pet owner thinks

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    flowericongrey Millions of healthy, adoptable cats and dogs are euthanized each year in the U.S. because there simply are not enough homes for them all...

    ...we’re working to change that. SPAY/USA, a program of North Shore Animal League America (, is a nationwide network and referral service for affordable spay/neuter services.

    flowericongrey Become a better pet owner by reading the following pet owner education articles.

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    flowericongrey Cat, What Is That?
    By Tony Johnston
      - Review by: Lori Plach

    Drawing on her own experience as an adopted cat owner, Tony
    Johnston describes the many attributes a cat shows. Wendell Minor brings to life what

    the author is trying to convey. Cats yawn, stretch and wink.

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    flowericongrey New Tricks for Old Cats and dogs, too.

    Amazing advances prolonging your life now also help your beloved pet.

    By Peggy Noonan

    We're not the only ones living longer, our pets are, too.
    About 40% of the nation's dogs and cats are "seniors." That's 18 million dogs and 22 million cats beyond the ripe old age of 7 (about 50 in their years). Advances in veterinary medicine and pet nutrition, coupled with more involved pet owners who demand better care for their animal companions, are adding years of frisky life. "The 18- to 20-year-old dog or cat will be a relatively common occurrence in the next 10 years," says Greg Troy, an internist at Virginia Tech's College of Veterinary Medicine.

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    flowericongrey Cat adoption checklist

    When you adopt a cat from the Oregon Humane Society there are many responsibilities and lifestyle adjustments to consider. We will provide you with a reference packet after you adopt but the following are some general points to keep in mind while making your decision.

    For more information on caring for your pet, visit our Pet Owner Education page.

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    flowericongrey National Pet Alliance - "Helping our Companion Animals Today" The

    National Pet Alliance (NPA) is a non-profit corporation formed to promote the well-being and responsible ownership of domesticated cats and dogs. We are involved with a variety of animal welfare issues, such as improving the standard of animal care, controlling the surplus of dogs and cats at the shelters, and defending the rights of responsible pet owners. Through our in-depth studies, we discover the facts behind the

    issues, and we use these facts to help animals.

    flowericongrey Opposition to Coercive Legislation   - NPA Opposition to Coercive Legislation

    Protecting the Rights of Responsible Pet Owners

    The National Pet Alliance acts as a support group to individuals and groups to assist in the never ending battle to stop coercive legislation. It gathers and disseminates facts, figures and documents to help educate the public and lawmakers as to the real problems, i.e. the number of unaltered stray/feral cats. The NPA supports rescission of limit laws, and longer "hold" periods at animal shelters as an incentive to pet owners to license/register their companion animals.

    flowericongrey City of San Jose Spay/Neuter Voucher Program

    City of San Jose
    Spay/Neuter Voucher Program

    The issuance of vouchers for residents to take their stray and "loosely owned" neighborhood cats in for free altering is a method which is proving to work in the control of stray cats.

    The City of San Jose has enacted such a program beginning in October 1994. After a slow start, the program took off in about February, 1995 after the local newspaper ran two articles on the program. The Humane Society of Santa Clara Valley reported as of August, 1995 they have had an 11% increase in the number of stray cat intakes for the San Jose this year, however, there is a 25% increase for the surrounding cities at the same shelter. Additionally, for the month of August, 1995 there is a 25% increase in San Jose stray cat intakes over August, 1994, and a 163% increase for the surrounding cities. A similar program for dogs was begun on May 1, 1995.

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    flowericongrey San Francisco SPCA Position Paper on Cat Licensing
    Cat Licensing: Analysis of Claims

    CLAIM: Cat Licensing will make cat owners more responsible.

    Caring can't be mandated, and a licensing mandate will only end up punishing those who care. There are millions of compassionate people who provide abandoned cats with food, love, and shelter in their own homes. Others put aside their own needs in order to care for a beloved pet or make sure a shy and reclusive neighborhood cat has daily sustenance and medical attention. Still others work tirelessly to feed foster and rehabilitate feral cats and kittens, all at their own personal expense.

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    flowericongrey The San Mateo County Pet Overpopulation Ordinance: A Legislative Failure
    (a report by The Animal Council - - We sought to evaluate elements of the San Mateo Ordinance by obtaining county records on specific provisions prior to and following enactment. We requested fiscal year data, as applicable beginning with FY 1988-1989 through 1993-1994. If boundaries changed we asked that this be noted and if data are not maintained or not available, the reasons why. (Responses did not include reference to any boundary changes, i.e. counting un-incorporated city addresses as un-incorporated rather than city.)

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    flowericongrey The Breeding of Domestic and Non-Domestic Cats - The Cat Fanciers' Association's (CFA) board of directors unanimously approved a policy statement at their February 7-8, 1998 meeting in Houston, Texas. In passing the policy statement the board reconfirmed that the association is a registry of Felis catus species of domestic cats.

    The CFA policy statement on the breeding of domestic and non-domestic cats reads as

    The Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc., does not encourage or promote the breeding of non-domestic (wild) cats of any species to any domesticated cats.

    Furthermore, The Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc. will not consider for registration the

    offspring of such a breeding.

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    flowericongrey Neuter and Spay  - It's the Humane Way

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    flowericongrey Declawing of Cats  - A CFA Guidance Statement

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