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     The RagaMuffin is a direct descendant of Josephine, the original Rag-type cat.

    Type and characteristics

    Body, Legs and Paws

    Long, rectangular, broad chest and broad  shoulders, and moderately heavy muscled in the hindquarters with the hindquarters being equally as broad as the shoulders. The body is solid, with firm muscle and no flabbiness with the exception of the  fatty pad (greater momentum) in the lower abdomen.  Legs should be moderately to heavily boned, medium in length with the back legs slightly longer than the front legs, yet in proportion to body. The  paws should be large and round, able to support the weight of the cat without splaying, and with tufts beneath and between the paws. They are a slow maturing breed of cat, in that they don't reach full  maturity until 3-4 years of age. Males average between 15-20 pounds (or more) and females smaller, between 9-14 pounds.


    Long, at least the length of the body, from rump to middle of  depression between shoulder blades. It is fully furred, similar in look to a plume of soft bottle brush, with slight taper.


    The head is a broad modified wedge, with a rounded appearance.  Muzzle is round, medium in length, with a well developed chin and medium length nose, tending to broadness, and a moderate puffiness to the whisker pad which results in the characteristic "sweet  look" of the RagaMuffin. Cheeks are full. Nose is to be gently concave between the eyes, giving the impression of a scoop rather than a break. Neck is short, heavy and strong, particularly in older  males.


    Medium in size, set to the side of the head without flaring, tilted slightly forward, rounded (the lynx point should have tufts on the tips of the ears), with moderate furnishings, in  pleasing proportion to the head. Ear opening or bottom of the ear is to come off the check bones.


    Very large, walnut shaped, moderately wide set the eyes contribute to the characteristic  sweet look. The more intense the eye color, the better.


    The fur is to be medium to medium-long. Texture is to be dense and silky, similar to a heavily furred rabbit. Fur length is to be  slightly longer around neck and outer edges of face, resulting in the appearance of a ruff, and increasing in length from top of head down through shoulder blades and back, with the coat on the sides and  stomach being medium to medium-long. The fur on the front legs is thick and short to medium in length. The fur on the hind legs is medium to medium-long and thick with the appearance of a wispy frill on the  hindquarters.


    There are many colors/patterns available. Solids, Tabbies, Torties, Lynx, Mink, as well as blue-eyed pointed varieties.


    Bred first and foremost for a sweet, laid-back  temperament, they are true people-loving cats. They get along well with children and other pets, and they love to be where the action is. The RagaMuffin is and indoor cat.. Their docile nature makes them  especially vulnerable.

    AACE now accepts Ragamuffins as a provisional breed.  Ragamuffins are currently accepted for registration by UFO, ICE, and ACFA.

    TEL: 973-335-6717
    FAX: 973-334-5834

    Raga Muffin Breeders and other related Links

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