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    Ragdoll breed standard
    “The Puppy Cat”


    This controversial breed supposedly originated from a  "white persian" queen in  California. It is said that the queen had mis-mated and after suffering a broken pelvis from a car accident gave birth to a litter of kittens that supposedly flopped in the arms  of its owner when handled, but this is not uncommon in any breed that trusts its owner.  Allegedly the Ragdoll has the ability to feel either pain nor fear, or to fight off other animals.

    This is claimed to be the result of the original queens accident which is a myth since a road accident cannot cause the cats genetic make-up to be changed and passed on to further generations.

    This myth has unfortunate consequences as we have already seen and heard what a great "toy" this could be.

    It is however a fact that the Ragdoll is a relatively undemanding and very tolerant  breed. in no way does this mean that the breed is unable of feeling fear or pain.

    One might consider the Ragdoll an ideal pet, being gentle and relaxed but it is an  animal with feelings and needs of care and trusting attention, a family member.

    Looking into the varieties of the Ragdoll breed accepted today, it is likely that the  Ragdoll's background is linked with Siamese, Colourpoints or Birmans.

    Type and characteristics

    The Ragdoll is possibly one of the most  laid-back cats, undemanding, tolerant, gentle and relaxed.

    For colors contact your local association.

     Body and Legs

    The body should be long and muscular. The neck strong and the chest broad. The legs heavily boned. The hind legs slightly higher that the front legs.


    The head should be medium to large. The skull should be flat.


    The ears should be tufted and rounded at the tip. Wide set.


     The eyes should be blue large and oval, slightly slant.


    The coat should also be silky and of medium length. The coat is particularly long on  the chest and abdomen and on the back of the head giving it a ruff. The facial fur shorter.  The tail should be thick and full, bushy and tapered.

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    Ragdoll Breeders and other related links

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