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    Bulletin Express de Félinomania - Félinomania, pour l'amour des chats!

    Article in the New York Times: - The Pethoven Phenomenon
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    flowericongrey Cat Painting

    Two books by Burton Silver and Heather Busch on cat painting or painting cats have taken the world of cat lovers by storm: Why Paint Cats: The Ethics of Feline Aesthetics and Why Cats Paint: A Theory of Feline Aesthetics. See what all the hype's about and order the books below.
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    flowericongrey Cat Galleries

    The Philip Wood Gallery

    When the Philip Wood Gallery in Berkeley, California opened its doors in the fall of 1994 it had on show the first international exhibition of paintings and works created by cats — complete with Artist in Residence, Buster.

    Ichon Gallery

    An important exhibition of art by European cats will open on February 23rd at the Villa Ichon Gallery in Bremen. For more information contact Dr Klaus Hübotter, Tel: 0421 321803 or fax: 0421 326959

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    flowericongrey Cat Hymns - Lyrics by Stephen and Patti Thompson
    Cat Hymns...a new book and compact disc from Quail Ridge Press will have you  howling with delight. Twenty-two old time favorite hymns are captured in 32 pages of beautiful full color illustrations by Bruce Bigelow of Sundown Studio. The hard cover  book and full length compact disc will have cat lovers everywhere caterwauling with such classics as, "Shall We Gather At The Doghouse?" and "Get Up, Get Up and Feed Us!"

    Attention cat people! Here is a delightful story told by a wise old housecat: forthcoming from Knopf (September '97) Susan Fromberg Schaeffer's The  Autobiography of Foudini M. Cat. (ISBN: 0-679-45474-8) "I came into the world...willy-nilly." So the autobiographer begins the tale of his life, full of cat wisdom and adventures.
    There is also a simultaneous Audio Book from Random House.

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"My Cat Saved My Life" , A True Story,  has just been released in the U.S. by Penguin Putnam: 1219_description.html

And my website is:

Phillip Schreibman
Dog's Bark Publishing
418 Ossington Avenue
Toronto, ON  M6J 3A7



    The Adventures of Beauregard, the Cat

    An original short novel written and copyrighted 1999 by Glenda W. Moore
    On the following pages is the story of an ordinary housecat who went on a  Big Adventure. The story is a mixture of fantasy and "cold reality." I think you will find it to be entertaining, suspenseful, and heartwarming.
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    Catspotting- by Cathy Pearson

    "Day return to St Pauls", I shouted above the noise of an incoming train, whilst rummaging  through the contents of my bag for a credit card. If I missed this train I would be late for my job interview; not an auspicious start. I was already getting a bad feeling about this day,  there was a lingering doubt about my choice of clothes and the fact that my hair had refused to respond to every hair product known to the bathroom cupboard, did little for my confidence

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    The Happy Wanderer - by Kathy Smith

    It is a mixed blessing to be known at one's place of employment as 'Catwoman'. True, it can result in some welcome homing activity, but for every triumph there is very likely to be a fresh challenge.

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    Jimmy the Railway Cat Dave & Marion

    Although one could be forgiven for thinking otherwise, Jimmy is a female cat! David and Marion Canning from Aldermaston adopted Jimmy from a neighbour as Jimmy found life on  the Canning's side of the fence a lot more interesting.

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    Rules for Cats who have a House to Run - by Janet Arnott
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    So You Want to Work with Animals?
    by The Cats Protection League Veterinary Officer
    At the age of eight, a relative who was taking me to the zoo asked, "Do you still want to be  a vet, Margaret?" Looking back, I consider myself to be one of the lucky ones because I became a vet but it has taken a lot of hard work and determination.

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    Bryncethin To The Rescue - Bryncethin Shelter was called upon when the Mounted  Police Section in Waterstone Cross, Bridgend needed a rodent officer to clean up the mouse population.

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    flowericongrey Poems

    Cats - by Toni Dever, Philadelphia, USA

    The Cat - by Elena

    KC's Capers - by Mike & Hilda Moorhouse from Peterborough

    Miss Persuasive - by Sarah Williams (age 10)

    Star-Cat -by Holly Workman from Westerham, Kent at age 11

    Pick Me - by Iris Cruttenden

    Moggiemania - by B J Poskitt

    The One-Fang Gang by Heather Smith

    A Path That Angel Doesn't Fear To Tread - A Path That Angel Doesn't Fear To Tread by  Mavis Baker, Bury St Edmunds - Angel, a tortoise-shell cat, wandered in off the street and adopted Tracy McGhee. Tracy lives in a first-floor flat above her parents' shop and, having  tried without success to find Angel's owner, she took her in and now says she could never part with her

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  • flowericongrey USA Library

    Ms Miller's Etiquette for Cats, by Melissa Miller, published by Penquin Books, 1996; 4"X6", 86 pages, softbound, $7.95.

    Although more humans might think cats live relatively simple, Ms Miller's  Etiquette for Cats, assures us nothing could be further from the truth

    Kittens Today: A Yearbook, by Greg Ovechka, published by T.E.H. Publications,1996; 8 1/2"X11", 64 pages, hardbound, $12.95
    Kitten's Today is information about  kittens presented in a yearbook format. The information is concise and selective, excellent photos, glossy-full colors.

    "Caring For Your Older Cat,", by Chris C. Pinney, DMV, published by Barron's, 1996; 61/2"X8", 200 pages, softbound, $10.95

    To be sure older beloved cats get the care they deserve,  veterinarian Chris Pinney has provided owners with a caring, informative manual. A great resource that with hands-on care from a local veterinarian will help you care for your older cats.

    Cat Behavior And Training, Veterinary Advice For Owners, by L.Ackerman; G. Landsberg and W. Hunthausen, editors, T.F.H. Publications, Inc. 1996

    Some cat's won't use the litterbox - Litterbox Training

  • Cats of Cairo-Egypt's Enduring Legacy
  • Goddess or Cat? Is your feline friend not telling you something? Does your cat REALLY have royal ancestry? Find out in the soon to be released photographic gift book,  Cats of Cairo-Egypt's Enduring Legacy.
  • Cairo cats are street-smart survivors whose direct ancestors in ancient Egypt were revered as gods. But a family reunion between them and your cozy fireside feline could  result in a cross-cultural misunderstanding. These direct descendants of CleoPAWtra have a CAT story and heritage that places them (in their minds anyway) into the realm of Pharaonic gods and goddesses. Is this an  attitude you recognize? Was your feline friend once a goddess?
  • Your cats cousins were so beloved in ancient days that they were portrayed in statues and, upon the death of a cat, a lavish funeral was held. Since  then, the tradition of adoring cats has continued. According to folk tradition, the prophet Muhammad cut off his coat sleeve because he had to stand up for prayer and didn't want to disturb his cat who was napping on  his sleeve. Today, the mystique of the cat lives on.
  • The Cats of Cairo are elusive creatures. During her seven-year stay in Cairo, Lorraine Chittock searched the nooks and crannies where feline denizens of the  city hide. "They don't hang out," says Chittock, "they slink." To obtain intimate portraits of these wary animals, Ms. Chittock had to become "a wildlife tracker in an urban environment."
  • Elusive and remote, Cats of Cairo are watching and waiting for their time of rule to return. Is your cat doing the same? If you want to see four of these cat goddesses yourself, click on
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  • Abbeville Press
    70 full-color illustrations
    96 pages 9 x 9"
    Cloth ISBN- 0-7892-707-9 $24.95
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  • flowericongrey Cartoon
  • 101 Uses for an Active Cat - by Daphne Queripel
  • flowericongrey Cat Killing a Bird
    The Audubon Society has identified  domestic and feral cats as significant  contributors to the decline of song bird populations in the United States. It is estimated that there are approximately 55 million domestic cats and 45 million feral  cats in the United States, and many of them are proficient bird hunters. Domestic cats are not a natural predator and wild birds are poorly equipped to deal with the threat they pose.
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  • flowericongrey Cats and Wildlife: A deadly combination
  • Free-roaming domestic cats in the United States annually kill hundreds of millions of birds and three times as much small wildlife (mammals, reptiles, and amphibians).
    Despite the volume of cat-related wildlife injuries and deaths, many people argue that this is “natural.” This is not so. Most cat “prey” consists of native species; while cats are an introduced species. According to the American Bird Conservancy, “Wildlife in the Western Hemisphere did not evolve in the presence of a small, abundant predator like the domestic cat, and thus, did not develop defenses against [it].”
    A recent study also shows that cats are contributing to increases in the insect population by killing insect-eating birds. The problem is further compounded because as wilderness areas continue to decline, birds and other animals are seeking backyards, parks, and gardens as resting places and sources of food and water.
    Ground nesting, feeding, nestling, and fledgling birds particularly are at risk. Cats also kill small native mammals that other native species, such as hawks and kestrels, rely on for food. Further, cats are not conservationists, and their prey can include endangered species

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    flowericongrey THE METROPOLITAN DOMESTIC CAT -  A survey of the population characteristics and hunting behaviour of the domestic cat in Australia

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    flowericongrey The Cornell Book of Cats
    Written by faculty and staff of the Cornell Feline Health Center, Cornell University,  THE CORNELL BOOK OF CATS is an inexhaustible font of current medical information that is clear yet does not sacrifice clinical accuracy or detail. Copyright ©  1995, 1996 The Cat Fanciers' Association, with the exception of the photographic images which are Copyright © by the individual photographers.

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    flowericongrey CFA Books and Videos

    Ode to CATS, Pablo Neruda, 1904-1973

    There was something wrong with the animals:
    their tails were too long and they had
    unfortunate heads.
    Then they started coming together,
    little by little
    fitting together to make a landscape,
    developing birthmarks, grace, pep.
    But the cat,
    only the cat
    turned out finished,
    and proud:
    born in a state of total completion,

    it sticks to itself and knows
    exactly what it wants.

    MAN, A poem for cat lovers

    Long nose
    Silly clothes
    No paws
    Useless claws
    Harsh cry
    False eye
    Talk, talk
    Monkey walk
    No fur
    No purr
    Face pale
    No tail
    Rotten planners
    No manners
    Big bragger
    Just swagger
    Lives in cell
    Bad smell
    Self admire
    Big liar
    can't trust
    Friend untrue
    M-A-N that's YOU.

    Ode to Spot by Lieutenant Commander Data

    The CATS page deals with all kind of topics related to cats, from different points of view

    flowericongrey British Library

    Veterinary Notes for Cat Owners edited by Trevor Turner (UK)
    A truly comprehensive and practical guide written by a  distinguished panel of experts. Including: the new owner, behaviour, nutrition, diseases, nursing and breeding etc.

    Catwatching by Desmond Morris (UK)
    Did you ever wonder why cats seem to be drawn towards people who actually dislike or are afraid of them? Or why our pure breed cats still like to present us  with "gifts" of a freshly caught prey, a mouse maybe? If so, this is certainly something for you. The study has taken years to complete and consists of a vast amount of background knowledge  and a huge portfolio of amazing photography.

    The World of Cats, editor Joan Moore (also editor of Cat World, UK)
    This extraordinary book features more than 40 breeds of domestic cats, from the popular British Shorthair to the unusual  Ragdoll. Fascinating facts about anatomy, history, showing, grooming and care. Full colour artwork and stunning photography.

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