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    In 1961 William and Mary  Ross found an unusual kitten in a litter at a farm near Coupar Angus in Scotland, Northwest of Dundee.  He named the kitten Susie. What was unique about this cat was that the ears were folded forward  and downward on her head. She looked like a "little teddy bear".  William Ross went on to breed the "Scottish Fold" and many people have fallen in love with this cat type. The folded ear is caused by an  incomplete dominate gene and a result of spontaneous mutation.  All true Scottish Fold Cats trace their ancestry to Susie.

    The Scottish Fold was granted championship status by The Cat Fanciers'  Association
    (CFA) in 1978.

    Type and characteristics


    The body should be of medium size and rounded.. The breed should have a well padded body.  Toe’s should be rounded, five in front and four back.  Females may be smaller.


    The head is well rounded with a firm chin jaw, well rounded whisker pad, prominent cheeks and a  short  neck.


    The eyes wide should be wide open, large, rounded, separated by a broad nose. The color of the eyes  correspond with the color of the coat.


    The nose should be short without a break. Profile should be moderate.


    The ears are folded forward and downward. Smaller folded ears are preferred. Ear tips should be rounded.


    The tail should be medium to long in proportion to the cats body, flexible, longer tapering tail preferred.


    The shorthair breed's coat should be medium short, soft, and standing  away from the body. Texture can vary due to color or seasonal changes.


    The longhair breed's coat is medium long to long.  The coat on face and body should be
    long. A ruff is  desirable.

    Scottish Fold Breeders and other related links

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