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     "Of all the pedigree varieties, the Siamese is the most instantly recognizable. Long, lite and elegant, with its distinctive darker 'points", it has always had great appeal."

    (Catbreeds of the World 1995 - Ultimate Edition.)

    The Siamese is one of the oldest breeds of pedigreed cats. Certainly this cat is one of the most exotic, oriental and inscrutable cats. To many people, the Siamese cat represents the ultimate in feline beauty with its piercing-blue eyes and its long,  elegant body. Its history is documented in ancient literature and art of Siam. (today Thailand) There have been many theories about the origin of the Siamese. even  suggestions that it would be related to Egyptian and Manx cats. Today it is certain the Siamese was already a popular variety in the city of Ayudha, the capital of Siam  and was founded in 1350. Then Siamese appeared in Britain at the first modern style cat show in 1871 where they were described as "an unnatural nightmare kind of cat". But despite the first reaction the Siamese became a rapid success in the cat world.

    Type and characteristics

    Body, legs and feet

    Siamese are typical of the Oriental group of cats. They are a vocal breed like their relation the Burmese with an  outgoing personality. You love the cat or you hate it. A  noisy and demanding breed and want to be part of your family. This is not a cat for people who are out of the house all day. If you want a cat that is devoted to you this is a cat for you.

    Advantages of this cat:

    • Highly sociable - expect undivided attention from their owners
    • Highly intelligent
    • Easy to groom


    • Noisy cat that talks a lot
    • Territorial, does not get along well with other cats


    The head of the Siamese should give the appearance of a triangle from the outward tips of the ears to the end of the muzzle. The head should be long, but in proportion,  with an elegant neck.


    The eyes should be almond-shaped with the typical oriental slant.


    The ears should be large and pricked, low-set, wide spaced.


    The tail should be long, slender and tapering to a whip like end. The tail should always be in proportion to the cat.


    The coat should be short, sleek and fine textured, with the fur lying close to the body.  The colored points should only be seen on the mask area of the face, ears,  legs and tail. Siamese living in warmer climates tend to have lighter coats.

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