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    The Skookum was developed from crosses between Munchkins and LaPerms with the aim of creating a short legged cat with a curly coat. The original crosses were carried out in the 1990s by Roy Galusha, and other breeders joined the breeding program, with breeders in the USA, Europe, New Zealand and Australia.


    The Skookum is currently recognized as an experimental breed by Independent European Registries, The Dwarf Cat Association and the registry Catz Inc in New Zealand. It is also accepted for registration by TICA as an experimental variety but use of the breed name has not yet been approved in TICA, as information was required by the organization to demonstrate that the word did not have negative connotations.

    Country of Origin: USA

    Type and characteristics


    Its head is a broad modified wedge shape with rounded contours. The head shows no extremes of features


    Broad and straight with moderate length. There is slight dip to nose just below bottom of eyes then straight to tip – dip must be felt for as can appear straight.


    Medium to large, slightly flared and cupped continuing modified wedge of head. Full, curly furnishings, ear muffs and lynx tipping is desirable on Longhaired.
    Faults: Lack of ear furnishings


    Medium large and expressive almond shaped at rest, rounder when alert. Moderately far apart, slightly angled towards base of ear.

    All colors acceptable, more vivid colors preferred, no relation between coat and eye color


    Medium well muscled, semi-foreign with medium boning. The back rises from shoulders to hip. Faults: Cobby body


    Short hind legs slightly


    Medium with rounded paws


    Shorthair: short to medium long. Hair may be wavy which is light, springy and airy; may be coarser than the longhair and has individual variations. Coat stands away from body with waves/curls over most of the cat. At times the coat will part naturally down the middle of the back. The coat may be coarser over the spine but not wiry.

    Longhair: medium long to long varying with season and maturity. Has ruff on maturity. Non matting, light, springy and airy so it feels loose and bouncy standing away from the body so you can run your fingers through to the skin. Parts with breath. Has almost unkempt appearance (gypsy shag look). May be curly or wavy – curly preferred, tightest curls in ruff and base of ears.
    Faults: Straight coat in both Shorthair and Longhair


    The short yet well proportioned legs have medium boning. The upper and lower forelegs are approximately even in length, as are the thighs and lower legs of the slightly longer hind legs. The feet are well rounded and compact and well planted.


    All Colors


    They are fun loving and kittenish cats, playful and athletic and fond of jumping and climbing. It is a small affectionate cat.

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