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    In 1960 a Siamese cat  mated with a bi-color American Shorthair cat and result was a cat with the blue eyes and white feet with a sturdy muscularity inherited from the American Shorthair. Snowshoe Cats trace their origins back to Dorothy Hinds Daughtery of Kensijng Cattery in Philadelphia, PA. During the late 1960s her two Siamese cats produced three kittens with striking white feet. Because of the white feet, they were give the name Snowshoes. The popularity and gene pool of the Snowshoes has been increasing, greatly due to the early efforts of breeders, Jim Hoffman, Georgia Kuhnell, Vikki Olander, and Phyllis Thompson. These breeders recognized the unique beauty of the Snowshoe and insured it's survival.

    Some breeders may wish to out cross in order to expand their gene pool, introduce new colors, or improve certain traits within their lines

    Type and characteristics

    Body, legs and feet.

    The body is slender, muscular and medium in length. The Snowshoe breed has thin legs, round, medium-sized paws, and a medium tapered tail. Because of the white feet, they were given the name Snowshoes


    The  head is triangular with a medium nose and pronounced muzzle, large, almond-shaped eyes, and large rounded ears.he forehead should be a flat plane rising slightly above the muzzle giving the appearance of two distinct, parallel planes, no less than the width of an eye between the eyes.


    The eyes are deep blue.


    Coat is short-haired, and is white and gray. The tail is medium-sized.


    Two colors have been seen, a  seal-point with a fawn coat and a paler chest and underside.  A seal-brown point, and snow white paws.  A  blue-point with a blue-white coat, a pale chest and underside, gray-blue points, and  snow white paws. The fur is short, soft, and glossy.


    The Snowshoe  cat is active, intelligent, and very affectionate, sweet tempered, energetic and intelligent. Snowshoe's like to play games and get along well with other pets. These cats are very social and should not spend too much time alone.

    Health Concern
    Some cats can have kinked tails and/or crossed eyes.

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