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    Type and Characteristics


    The chest is broad, and may tend toward being barrel-chested. The body is medium long, very sturdy and rounded, thick through the abdomen, having the  appearance of having eaten a large meal, but not fat. The Sphynx is very hard and muscular, having medium bone structure; it is not a delicate cat. The Sphynx is not a hairless cat. The skin should have the  texture of chamois. It may be covered with very fine down which is almost imperceptible to both the eye and the touch. A lion tail (puff of hair on tip) is acceptable. The cat should not be small or dainty.  Males may be upto to 25% larger so long as proper proportions are maintained

    Legs and Feet

    The leg is in proportion with the body, but not fine-boned; the legs are firm and muscular to the feel.  Females' legs may be more slender than those of males. The hind legs are slightly longer than the front with strong, well developed hindquarters. Females' hindquarters may be as well developed as those of  males. The front legs are widely set. The paws are oval, with long, slender toes and the paw pads are thicker than in other breeds, giving the appearance of walking on air cushions.

    Coat and Skin

     Cat should appear hairless. May be covered with short, fine down. May have puff of hair on tip of tail. The texture should be chamois-like. A feeling of resistance may be felt when stroking the skin of some  cats. Sparse and short whiskers. The skin is very wrinkled in kittens. Adults should retain as many wrinkles as possible, especially on the head, although wrinkling should not be so pronounced that it  affects the cat's normal functions.


    The head is slightly longer than wide with prominent cheekbones and a slight but definite whisker break. The profile has a slight to moderate stop at the  bridge of the nose. The neck is medium, well muscled and rounded, arching from the shoulders to the base of the skull. Powerful, especially in males.


    The eyes are a large, rounded lemon  shape with the pointed end of the lemon slanting toward the outer edge of the ear. There is a slightly more than the width of an eye between the eyes.


    The ears are very large, wide at the  base and open, with no interior hair. They are upright, neither low set nor on top of the head. Interior totally hairless. Slight amount of hair allowed on lower outside edges and on the backs of the ear.


    The tail is long and whippy, tapering from the body to the tip (rat tailed). The tail length is to be in proportion to the body.


     Accepted Colors: All colors and patterns white lockets and buttons accepted.


    The Sphynx is sweet tempered, lively and intelligent.

    Sphynx Breeders and other links

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