Flag and country information - Republic of TURKEY

    Situated - the majority of Turkey lies in Asia (Middle East), however, west of the Bosporus Straights, an area which includes Istanbul, is in Europe
    Area - 779,500 sq km / 300,965 sq ml
    Capital - Ankara
    Language - Turkish
    Currency - Turkish Lira
    Population - 68,109,469

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    FIFe National Breed Clubs

    Siyam Kedileri Kulb- Siamese Cat Club-Turkey-Istanbul in Turkish Language.

    Meet Jeannie, the British woman running the single cat shelter near Marmaris

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    Rescue & Re-home

    I had no idea of founding a Cat Shelter as I had dogs all my life. I even brought my dog to Turkey. Ten years ago during the night I found a stranded kitten, a tiny black and white thing. He was only 4 days old. I had no idea if he would live or die because I had no idea what to do. My experience was only with dogs. So I called him Hayat which means "life" in Turkish. I thought if he had a lucky name, it will bring him luck also and give him a chance in "life".
    The real founder of our cat shelter is Hayat, who is now a six year old bossy, anti-social, independent, single minded but handsome moggy. Within 24 hours I was presented with his sister Princess who only lived 4 years. So with the plastic bag filled with milk I started feeding them. They survived and grew into happy healthy cats. During the winter, when money was scarce, the cheapest form of food was fish. But being a "cat person" now and the fish being so cheap, I used to buy an extra kilo and feed the street cats on my way home. This put me into contact with the street situation concerning the cats. Every now and again while doing my rounds on my bicycle feeding the cats, I would find a sick cat and take it home.

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    Sokak Kedileri Kıisıirlaşstıirıilıiyor (Street Cat Sterilization Campaign)

    Marmaris'te 15 yıildıir yaşsayan İIskoç vatandaşsıi Jeannie Thirkill sokak kedilerini kıisıirlaşstıirma çalıişsmalarıina, Turunç Belediye Başskanıi Ali Fuat Fidan destek verdi. Marmaris Belediyesi Veterineri Bora Deveci 10 sokak kedisini kıisıirlaşstıirdıi. Orhaniye Köyü'nde kurduğgu çiftlikle sokak hayvanlarıinıin barıinmalarıinıi sağglayan Thirkill, "Orhaniye'deki barıinak için Avrupa ülkelerinden yardıimlar alıiyoruz. Marmaris Belediyesi kıisıirlaşstıirma programlarıinıi düzenlediler. Kıisıirlaşstıirma çalıişsmalarıi sokak hayvanlarıinıin sayıilarıinıin azalmasıi, şsehir ortamıinda daha kolay yiyecek bulmalarıinıi ve yaşsamlarıinıi sürdürmelerine yardıimcıi oluyor. Bir yıilda 500'e yakıin sokak hayvanıinıi kıisıirlaşstıirıildıi" dedi.

    and here is the summary of the above article in English : The mayor of Turunc Ali Fuat Fidan has given Jeannie Thirkill his support for the sterilization of street cats in Turunc. On this rainy day the municipality vet from Marmaris Bora Deveci was only able to operate 10 cats, but during the past year 500 cats have been operated. Marmaris Mayor also gives his support along with his vetinery help is slowly being found in Europe. The campaign is to help street cats receive a better quality of life: food and health control.

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