The Turkish Vankedisi is an all-white Turkish cat originating from eastern Turkey, not to be confused with the Turkish Angora. 'Vankedisi' is the Turkish phrase for Van cats, and betrays the close relationship that it has with the Turkish Van. In fact the Turkish Vankedisi is simply a completely white Turkish Van, but because it fails to show the characteristic van-pattered markings it has not be accepted as part of that breed, hence the dedicated name of Turkish Vankedisi.

    Due to the severe restrictions placed on the export of these highly prized cats very few ever left Turkey, however, in the early 90's Lois Miles succeeded in obtaining written permission from the Turkish authorities to bring home a white, odd-eyed female. In Turkey the Turkish Vankedisi is very carefully nurtured, the most sought after being the odd eyed cat, although blue eyed cats are also seen as special. The amber eyed cat is the least sought after.

    They have a well balanced temperament and strong constitution. Variations between litters are exactly the same as those found in other Turkish Vans. Indeed, with regard to coat texture, eye colour, bone structure and personality they are indistinguishable from those found in the Vans. A few breeders have reported that these cats seem even more keen to play with water than the classic Turkish Van Cat.

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