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For the ones that care about them

“It is up to us to demonstrate through our action and words
that companion animals are much more than mere property.
They are our friends, partners or companions
and we are their guardians."

                                                                    Richard Avanzino

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    We the cats or domestic felines or the more elegant name Felis silvestris catus,  are small canivorous mammals valued by humans for companionship.  The word cat comes from the old English word Catt but the ultimate source is unknown and maybe it comes from the African (Nubian and Berber) languages kadis and kadiska. We are also called pussy or pussycat, poes or poesje.

    It is said that we are the most laziest life forms in the world. We manage to sleep about 85% of our lives, spending time awake to eat, strole around the house and whatever we feel like. We are picky eaters and we have made an art of getting our human friends to provide us with food, shelter and  toys.

    It is said that we have been around humans for at 9,500 years. Humans found a grave on the island of Cypress with a human and a cat skelleton which dates back that far. We are intelligent preditors known to hunt over 1000 species for food if necessary, yes we are good mousers, and thank you no veggies.

    Our closest pre-domestic ancestor came from Africa.  In the northern part of  Africa there are even today small wildcats that are probably related to us. Our ancestors lived in the dessert climate and we are native to all continents besides Australia and Antartica. Being from Africa, we love the sun and hot weather. Most of us do not like the water besides our friends the Turkish Van and our Abyssinian friends the “Abyssinians”.

    Sometimes we have no place to go and we are called abandoned or feral cats waiting for some nice human to give us a home and if that doesn’t happen we are not able to survive very long, most of us are starving to death, being killed by predators, succumbing by disease or being killed by cars.

    Human have created many different breeds of cats. We are Tomcats or Queens, sire or dame, our young ones are called kittens. If we are formally registered and our ancestors are all of the same breed we are Purebreeds.  If we are recorded and have ancestors of different breeds, we are called Pedigreed cats, we can be domestic longhairs or shorthairs, moggies, mongrels, mutt-cats or just plain and simple alley cats, but we all can be show cats.

    "A cat is a cat and very pleased to be a cat. The cat knows he is a special and superior creation. To those persons who also know that the cat is not just another animal the cat grants the privilege of feeding and sheltering him. The cat will also give those privileged persons some affection- often at the most inconvenient time, except for the cat.

    Living with the cat requires some adjustment - much as in a marriage. The cat expects full

    consideration of his dignity. The cat expects to be admired. The cat expects to be left alone when cat problems have to be pondered over - and also when he just wants to be left alone.

    Meals must be appetizing, varied, and on time.

    The darling who purred so contentedly may jump off your lap and a moment later turn on you a stare asking if introductions were ever made."

        By John Beecroft, 1958

    A Prayer for Animals

    "Hear our humble prayer, O God, for our friends the animals,
    especially for animals who are suffering;
    for animals that are overworked, underfed and cruelly treated;
    for all wistful creatures in captivity that beat their wings against bars;
    for any that are hunted or lost or deserted or frightened or hungry;
    for all that must be put to death.
    We entreat for them all Thy mercy and pity,
    and for those who deal with them we ask a heart of compassion
    and gentle hands and kindly words.
    Make us, ourselves, to be true friends to animals,
    and so to share the blessings of the merciful"

Dr. Albert Schweitzer (a true gentleman, humanitarian, artist, and friend to all)

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    When God created kitty cats

    He had no recipe;
    He knew He wanted something sweet,
    As sweet as sweet could be.
    He started out with sugar,
    Adding just a trace of spice;
    Then stirred in drops of morning dew,
    To keep them fresh and nice
    He thought cats should be soft to pet,
    Thus he gave them coats of fur;
    So they could show they were content,
    He taught them how to purr.
    He made for them long tails to wave,
    While strutting down the walk;
    Then trained them in meow-ology,
    So they could do cat-talk.
    He made them into acrobats,
    And gave them grace and poise;
    Their wide-eyed curiosity,
    He took from little boys.
    He put whiskers on their faces,
    Gave them tiny ears for caps;
    Then shaped their little bodies,
    To snugly fit on laps.
    He gave them eyes as big as saucers,
    To look into man's soul;
    Then set a tolerance for mankind,
    As their purpose and their goal.
    Benevolent ... and ... Generous,
    He made so many of them;
    Then charged, with fatherly concern,
    The human race to love them.
    When one jumped up upon His lap,
    God gently stroked its head;
    The cat gave Him a kitty kiss,
    "What wondrous love," God said.
    God gently stroked its head;
    The cat gave Him a kitty kiss,
    What wondrous love," God said.
    God smiled at His accomplishment,
    So pleased with His creation;
    And said, with pride, as He sat back,
    "At last. . .I've reached purr-fection!"

    We Are The Most Popular Pets in the World

    Cats outnumber dogs by millions as house pets in USA, UK and many European countries. In USA alone, there are about sixty million cat pets. Thirty seven percent of American households have at least one cat. In the UK about twenty five percent of households have at least one cat. There are more than seven million cats in the UK. In Australia, about twenty six percent of households have at least one cat. In Canada, there are about five million domestic cats. There are about five hundred million pet cats in the world. Cats are also widely domesticated in other parts of the world such as Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Brazil, Israel, Japan, South Africa, as well as in India many people are keeping cats as pets. 

    Say IT Cats Rule! Miauuuuuuuuuuuuu

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