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    flowericongrey  Abyssinian
    thick coat
    busy, active, and affectionate cat

    flowericongrey American Bobtail
    longhair or shorthair varieties
    domesticated, medium to large or short tail
    outgoing, loves people

    flowericongrey American Curl
    longhair or shorthair varieties
    many varieties of color and patterns, ears curled away from the face ears are back in a crescent, in 1081 Mr. and Mrs. Ruga took a sweet curly eared kitten that was poking around  their back yard in Lakewood, Calif.  They began a selective breeding program.  In 1983 the first kittens were shown and received a favorable response. Breeding notes: A spontaneous  mutation causes the crescent shaped ears.  All American curls are born with straight ears.  The ears curl and and uncurl until they set permanently at 4 months. Affectionate with  people,  gentle cat, you can frolic with these cats and it is said that an American Curl always thinks like a kitten.

    flowericongrey  American Shorthair
    many varieties of colors and patterns, sturdy
    quiet, even tempered cat

    flowericongrey  American Wirehair
    many varieties of colors and patterns, springy coat
    reserved, even tempered cat

    flowericongrey Australian Mist

    flowericongrey Balinese
    seal, chocolate, blue and lilac colors
    vocal, active, insistent and affectionate cat

    flowericongrey  Bengal
    hybrid from an asian leopard cat (4 generations back) and a domestic cat, easy to
    groom, active, smart

    flowericongrey Birman
    stocky body, white feet, pointed colors
    reserved, even tempered

    flowericongrey Bombay
    black, shiny coat
    affectionate, very affectionate, loves to sit on your lap

    flowericongrey British Shorthair
    stocky, varieties of colors, blue most popular, plush coat
    loves people, calm, quiet cat

    flowericongrey Burmese
    compact cat, well muscled, sable, blue, platinum, champagne colors
    affectionate, people oriented

    flowericongrey Chantilly/Tiffany
     long and shorthair
    semi-long hair, tail plumed, silky
    not to much demanding, loyal cat

    flowericongrey Chartreux
    french cat, wooly textured coat, only blue
    strong, quiete, affectionate cat

    flowericongreyColorpoint Shorthair
    non traditional point colors
    vocal, affectionate, at times very insistent

    flowericongrey Cornish Rex
    wavy, soft coat, different colors and patterns
    affectionate, active cat

    flowericongrey Cymric

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    flowericongrey Devon Rex
    wavy coat, many colors and patterns
    active, pixie look and personality

    flowericongrey Egyptian Mau
    spotted, silver, bronze or smoke colors
    active, athletic cat

    flowericongrey Europaen Shorthair

    flowericongrey Exotic Shorthair
    a shorthair Persian type like, short plush coat, same colors and patterns as Persian
    affectionate, quiet, sweet cat

    flowericongrey Havanna Brown
    chestnut color
    busy but affectionate cat

    flowericongrey Himalayan
    Persian-type cat, different variety of colors
    affectionate, quiet, sweet cat

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    flowericongrey Japanese Bobtail
    longhair and shorthair
    short pom-pom tail, different colors and patterns
    active, busy cat

    flowericongrey Javanese
    longhaired variety of colorpoint shorthair
    vocal, affectionate, active and can be an insistent cat

    flowericongrey Korat
    silver-blue coat, heart shaped face,
    energetic, affectionate

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    flowericongrey LaPerm
    longhair and shorthair
    soft and curly fur
    inqisitive and people friendly

    flowericongrey  Main Coon
    large, many colors and patterns
    easy going, active cat

    flowericongrey Manx
    cat without tail, origin from  The isle of Man , heavy, dense coat, many colors and patterns
    gentle, quiet cat

    flowericongrey Munchkin
    both longhair and shorthair
    foreshortened legs, all colors and patterns
    lively and intelligent cat

    flowericongrey Norwegian Forest Cat
    longhair breed
    heavy lush coat, massive cat - the robust body, thick coat and powerful legs allowed these  cats to adapt to the steep, icy terrains of the Norwegian mountains thousands of years ago.  They probably arrived in Norway 1000 A.D. on trading ships from Byzantine.  They were first  shown in Oslo in 1938.  In 1975 the Norsk Skogskattring Association established breed standards.
    smart, social, affectionate, no lap cat, but will purr and show that you are loved.

    flowericongrey Ocicat
    athletic, spotted hybrid
    active, social cat

    flowericongrey Oriental
    longhair and shorthair cat
    looks like a siamese but without the specific markings. more than 300 colors available
    active, affectionate and sometimes insistent cat

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    flowericongrey Persian
    long, stocky body, long heavy coat, rounded head with short nose, many colors and patterns
    quiet, affectionate

    flowericongrey Peterbald
    hairless, long with a wedge shaped head
    active, outgoing cat

    flowericongrey Pixie-Bob
    longhair and shorthair
    domestic cat, looks like the American Bobcat
    affectionate, obedient cat

    flowericongrey RagaMuffin
    easy care, many colors and patterns
    easy going, loving cat

    flowericongrey Ragdoll
    large, color at all points, mitted or bi-color also available

    flowericongrey Russian Blue
    short, dense silver tipped coat
    playful, quiet cat

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    flowericongrey Scottish Fold
    longhair and shorthair
    ears folded forward pointing down, large round eyes, also available with straight ears, many colors and patterns
    affectionate, laid back cat

    flowericongrey Selkirk Rex
    longhair and shorthair
    soft falling ringlets and curly wiskers, curly coat, rounded stocky body - Was discovered in Wyoming in a shelter in 1987.  Jeri Newman adopted the kitten, named Miss Depesto.   Newman began breeding with Persians, British Shorthair and Exotics.  Theses curly cats twirled into the spotlight.  The curly coat is caused by a spontaneous mutation.  Thick,  plush pillows of fur show up on kittens at 8-10 months.  Round eyes, a rectangular body make the Selkirk Rex the perfect cuddling buddy.
    quiet and tolerant cat, loves to cuddle.

    flowericongrey Skookum
    longhair and shorthair
    short body and legs, full face
    outgoing, people friendly

    flowericongrey Siamese
    long, slender body, color at points, lilac, chocolate, seal blue colors, wedge-shaped head
    vocal, affectionate, insistent cat

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    flowericongrey Siberian
    origin Russia, large cat
    affectionate, playfull cat

    flowericongrey Singapura
    beige colored ticked coat, large eyes, small cat
    affectionate but demanding cat

    flowericongrey Snowshoe
    hybrid, American Shorthair and Siamese, white face, feet and chest
    affectionate, active cat

    flowericongrey Somali
    longhaired variety of Abyssinian, same colors
    active, busy but affectionate cat

    flowericongrey Sphynx
    appears hairless, you will find fuzz on the body and tufts on its head.
    pixie face, large expressive eyes and large ears - a hairless kitten was born in Toronto, Canada in 1966.  A series of cross-breedings with household pets produces a mix of  hairless and normal-coated kittens.  Popular in Europe.  Recognized in the US in the 1970s.  A recessive gene causes the hairless appearance.
    affectionate, vocal and active cat.

    flowericongrey Sterling
    green and blue eyes, plush coat
    playful, graceful cat

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    flowericongrey Tonkinese
    hybrid av a Burmese and Siamese
    vocal, people friendly cat

    flowericongrey Turkish Angora
    silky coat, intermediate length, several colors and patterns
    curious and busy cat

    flowericongrey Turkish Van
    fluffy, semi-long white coat, except head and tail, long body - goes back to 1600 BC  In  1955 two English woman traveling in Turkey brought back a cat to England for a selective breeding program.  Reached the US in 1982 independent, chooses selectively, affectionate when chosen, a cat that loves water

    flowericongrey Vankedisi

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